Glorify Yourself

With no real idea of how I was suppose to get started on this journey I manged to stumble across this “book” (while it is bound my copy is actually 12 mini booklets) “The Elanore King Course on Beauty, Charm & Personality”. My version is published in 1953 and is the 13th edition. To say I was excited when the postman arrived today would be an understatement!

While I did have a groan at Lesson 1: “Be His Leading Lady” (I am a modern feminist woman who is more interested in pleasing myself than trying to please a man) I am actually excited to get started. Even if I was a bit puzzled by the diagrams that show how I should add blocks under my bed so in order to lie with my feet in the air – given that my bed is on castors I can only imagine them rolling off in the middle of the night and scaring the shit (must remember a lady should not swear) living heck out of me.

The book contains 12 Lessons

Lesson 1: Be His Leading Lady, Facial Radiance & Inviting Lips

Lesson 2: An Enticing Skin & Corrective Make-up

Lesson 3: Body Line-up & Attractive Legs

Lesson 4: A Graceful Walk & Sitting Technique

Lesson 5: Flattering Clothes

Lesson 6: Every Woman a Model & Posture and Relaxation

Lesson 7: Dieting For Size & Exercising For Size

Lesson 8: You Talked Yourself Into It (dying to skip ahead to see what the heck this about)

Lesson 9: Beautiful Hair

Lesson 10: Life Begins At Forty, Seasonal Advice, Hints and Ideas & Hands and Feet

Lesson 11: Keep Fit – Stay Beautiful

Lesson 12: How Old Are You?, Do Something About Yourself, Your Perfume, Fifty Beautiful hints and Woman Through A Man’s Eyes

While I am initially keen to rush straight to Lesson 4 I will try to curb my terrible impatience and start at the beginning. This is surprisingly hard for me to do as for everything I read that isn’t a novel I tend to start at the back and work my way forward.

Stay tuned for Lesson 1.

Miss Fairchild

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