My Retro Inspired Face Routine

Toward the start of the year I was frustrated with my skin. Surely at 30 I was finally suppose to be rid of pimples? The products I was using on my skin were growing at an alarming rate, the cost was astronomical and I still wasn’t getting anywhere. Then I stumbled across the “cold cream” thread at The Fedora Lounge and decided to give it a go. I ordered some online and waited. Then while at the chemist across the road picking up some witch hazel (which was suggested to use after using the cold cream) I was stunned to see ponds cold cream right there on the shelf. I had been told it was nearly impossible to find in Australia and here it was right across the road. I raced home to try it out.

At first it took a bit of getting used to as it leaves a bit of an oily residue. I had such terrible pimply oily skin as a teenager that until I started using cold cream I refused to allow anything oily near my skin. Even my moisturisers had to be completely oil free. Of course this was probably part of the problem with my old skin care regime…refusing to use the recommended products for my adult skin type and ignoring their skin analysis.

Soon enough I was hooked. After a few days my skin broke out horribly…then everything settled down. My skin wasn’t flaking any more (another sign my skin had changed that I had previously ignored), it looked brighter and plumper and so clean and soft. But soon enough my chemist stopped stocking it and I heard it was pretty easy to make – so I started making my own. It took a few recipes to get the consistency just right but now I am terribly happy with it and it costs a fraction of what it would cost to buy.

Not long after I started using my cold cream/witch hazel I was in Sydney visiting my family and my Nana commented on how great my skin was looking. She was surprised to find out cold cream was still being made, but not surprised it worked. She then told me about how when she was a teenager her local chemist started selling a “top secret” tonic to help prevent pimples. Apparently it worked a treat and she was always selling out. Years later my Nana discovered it was just witch hazel she was selling. There you go!

The more I researched the more I became determined to cut out as many chemicals as I could and go back to basics. After all my face was wonderful on just cold cream & witch hazel. I had also added in organic rosehip oil as a face moisturiser before bed and pure vitamin e oil as an eye cream. I got my hands on a sample of First Aid Beauty’s Ultra Repair Cream and fell in love But I felt I was missing two things – a scrub and a face mask. So back to the internet for some more research. I discovered one of The Fedora Lounge ladies were using bicarb soda for a scrub and given that I had some in the pantry I gave that a go and it was perfect! Mix with a bit of water and gently (very gently!!!) scrub…too easy! Then at the perfect moment my rss feed showed a post about using organic dried clay as a face mask – Serendipity! I finally settled on Australian organic pink clay from Aroma Queen after reading about the different types of clays* and picking one for my real skin type and have been a devoted client ever since.

Now we have the players…what do I actually do with them?

Morning Face Routine

  1. Slather on cold cream (I personally go all the way now my neck and onto my chest) and leave for a few minutes.
  2. Using my facial cleansing brush** I go over my face in upward circular stokes.
  3. Using a hot damp face cloth*** I remover all the cold cream from my face.
  4. Using a clean cold wet facecloth I cool my skin down by pressing the face cloth all over.
  5. A quick swipe of witch hazel on a cotton pad all over my face a neck.
  6. Mix a bit of FABs Ultra repair cream with sunscreen an apply all over face and neck.
  7. DONE!

Evening Face Routine

  1. Slather on cold cream (I tend to do this about 5-10 minutes before I get in my evening bath) and leave it on for as long as you want.
  2. Massage your face in upward circular motions for a good few minutes to really work the cream into your face.
  3. Using a hot damp face cloth remove all the cold cream from your face & neck.
  4. Using a clean cold wet facecloth I cool my skin down by pressing the face cloth all over.
  5. Apply rosehip oil all over face and neck (if my skin is really dry I mix my Ultra Repair Cream with rosehip oil).
  6. Pat a drop of vitamin e oil gently under each eye.
  7. DONE!

Once a week I do a bicarb scrub before my night routine (usually Wednesday for me) and on Sunday night (the same night I have my luxury bath) I put on my face mask before I get in the bath. I mix the powdered clay with a little filtered water. If my skin is breaking out I mix my powdered clay mask with a bit of witch hazel. If my skin is particularly dry I add a few drops of rosehip oil to the clay/water mix.

And that is my Retro inspired face routine.

Miss Fairchild

*Visit Aroma Queens website and go to Learn More> Australian Active Clays to see what clay will best suit your skin

**Just a generic facial brush that cost around $2 at the chemist

***I love Woolworths microfibre face cloths in the beauty aisle $2 for a pack of two

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