Easy 40’s Hair & Make-up

When I was first dipping my toes into vintage hair & make-up I came across these two videos and I still refer back to them. They made it all seem so easy and do-able. Up until then I had been trying to understand what the fudge pincurls were and how I was going to manage eye liner when I am nearly blind without my glasses. As a girl who had only ever learnt how to put on mascara and do a pony tail I needed something simple. Something even I couldn’t stuff up. Enter tashlentine

1940s Hair for Low Maintenance Girls

1940s Make-up for Low Maintenance Girls

The first time I went out wearing these styles (and my favourite vintage-esque Leona Edmiston dress) I made an awesome pal who is right into vintage like me (thought she prefers – and totally rocks – 70/80s dresses). Trust me when I say that was totally unexpected at a homeschool mums night out! She then enabled  encouraged me to explore vintage more. I wouldn’t have a cupboard full of pencil skirts(including a beautiful 60’s wool skirt that fits me like a glove that she picked up just for me *love*) & pussy bow blouses without her and for that I send her a big *kiss*.

If you have been wanting to try vintage hair/make-up but have been a bit overwhelmed I suggest starting here. You never know, you might find yourself an awesome friend just like I did.

Miss Fairchild

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2 Responses to Easy 40’s Hair & Make-up

  1. Ruskin Days Downunder says:

    Wheee! Yay for the blog! I can’t believe I haven’t seen this vids before. That’s exactly how I want to do my hair when I go out this weekend but mum has given the hot rollers to my aunt and I won’t get them back in time *sob*

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