A Wonderful Surprise

One of the things I most love about purchasing goodies from Etsy (apart from supporting small businesses) is quite often I get surprised by the little thoughtful gifts they include. Not to mention everything I have ever received has been beautiful gift wrapped (I am a sucker for anything gift wrapped). Today one Etsy seller blew me away with her thoughtful gift.  The lovely Colleen from Proctor Collectables apparently had a quick look through my wishlist before deciding on an appropriate gift to include which is above and beyond IMO. Along with the vintage sewing pattern I purchased (one of Miss 12’s Christmas presents and which arrived surprisingly quickly) she gifted me the most beautiful Navy & Red dot silk “tie”. Now we are pretty sure it is a tie, possibly and ascot…but not entirely sure what type of tie it is (and I am hoping someone reading knows).

Please excuse the dodgy photography…it doesn’t do the beautiful piece justice at all

It is real silk too. I can’t tell you how much I adore real silk. I am very keen to wear this if I can figure out what it is exactly. The brand is Harry Rosen, which I believe is a menswear brand, but this is too pretty for me to not wear it.


Can anyone help identify what sort of tie this is? I would be super grateful for any help.

I also would like to highly recommend those vintage lovers check out the lovely Colleens Etsy store and no, she hasn’t asked me to write this. This is not a sponsored post – just a very happy customer.

Miss Fairchild

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2 Responses to A Wonderful Surprise

  1. natalie1day says:

    It is gorgeous! Is it one of those pussy bow type scarfs? Would look adorable teamed with a pencil dress! Will check out her store, I think it always a good sign when people do that, it shows they love what they do and are not just in it for the money – a real personal touch! Lucky girl!

    • Thanks lovely. It is beautiful. I thought it might be, but apparently it’s from a mens store so I am a bit baffled. I will figure out a way to tie it though as I absolutely adore it. I agree with you totally about the seller, you can tell when someone not only loves what they do, but value their clients as well. It was such a tiny one too.

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