My Own Vintage Clothing Collection

I have been starting to collect a few vintage patterns (when they come up in my size). I can sew a little, but not sure I could actually follow a pattern yet, but given that I find very little vintage clothing in my size I thought making the odd thing might be a better way to go about it. Then I saw this post by Super Kawaii Mama and was inspired to do the same – a collection of my own, just for me.

Of course I still am not a good enough seamstress to start, but I can start collecting patterns and ideas. I love the idea of doing a capsule collection in the same prints/tones/colours so that everything can go with everything else.

So far I have this Simplicity 2047 Shirt Dress Pattern

I don’t know about the rest of you but I adore shirt dresses. In cotton I think they would be perfect for running around the park with the kids, hanging out at home and everyday running around. After all if they are good enough for perfect housewife Betty Draper, they are good enough for me. I imagine having a few in a few different sleeve lengths and prints.

The other dress pattern I have is very close to the absolutely beautiful black cocktail dress Audrey Hepburn wears in Sabrina when she heads off on her date with Linus Larrabee (aka the dreamy Humphrey Bogart). I originally found it with the idea of recreating the dress in a luxurious black fabric.

The dresses on the pattern for the Retro Butterick 4513 envelope are florals which I think would also look great for a day look. What do you think?

I also have this Kwiksew 3854 pattern for these cute little sailor shorts.  Which will be great for when skirts just aren’t practical. We don’t own a car, instead we bike everywhere.

I don’t think they are quite right though. I prefer the look of these Tara Starlet shorts (which unfortunately don’t come in my size) but the shorts seem almost identical…I just need to make the buttons larger and go further down.

It’s a start. Of course it is still ignoring the little matter of my lack of sewing skills. I would love to add a 1940s suit pattern, some circle and pencil skirts, a pair of high waisted pants and some blouses. I am also in desperate need of a new winter coat before winter comes back around…

So lovelies…what items are must haves for your vintage wardrobes? What am I missing?

Miss Fairchild

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8 Responses to My Own Vintage Clothing Collection

  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! And I know I’m not one of those super chill vegans who give vegans a good name but I like to be a little irascible, it’s just more fun. I have also been working on filling out my wardrobe – I’m in dire need of pants and I also really want some 1940s dresses. I don’t own any and I can’t wait to change that!

    • LOL…I am sure those who know me would describe me the same way…without the “more fun” bit. I am in dire need of everything, except pencil skirts & blouses (I found quite a few the last time I went op shopping). Modern clothes just don’t make me feel “right”.

  2. Oh and I love Betty’s yellow shirtwaist dress. I really like long sleeves on a dress and that one is just gorgeous!

  3. Those are both gorgeous patterns; I love shirtwaist dresses, so feminine and timeless.

  4. Sylvie says:

    You are so unique! Really! Keep it up! 😉

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