Vintage Fashion on TV

Today I was hoping to do an outfit post from goodies I had found recently in my local op shops (also known as thrift shops, charity shops or opportunity shops) but given that I am sick in bed and can barely move, instead I am going to share vintage/retro fashion in my favourite current TV shows while watching old musicals and eating soup!

The Hour

Is anyone else obsessed with BBC’s  The Hour? I saw a gifset of it last week which intrigued me…a week later I have watched every episode. Before you judge me too harshly there is only six episodes in season 1 and only two episodes of season two have aired. I absolutely adore the women’s clothing in this (men’s too…but I don’t care that much about the men). I love that this show has a woman tv producer in the form of Bel in 1956. I adore everything she wears and unlike Mad Men episodes I feel like her clothing I could wear on a daily basis and not look in costume. Does any one else find that a hard balance with vintage?

I would happily wear every single one of these things just as they are and not feel too vintage costume-y. It seems that has led some people to judge it as not being period accurate. I am no expert I just love them.

Lix Storm (awesome name!!!) plays one of the reporters on the show and she is always dressed in pant suits or pants and shirts. I love this look but have yet to have the guts to try it myself. I feel like I am already too “masculine” looking. Though I am going to track down a pair of glasses just like hers. You may also recognise her as Caroline Bingley from the 1995 BBC mini series version of Pride & Prejudice.

I think Marnie is suppose to be our “Betty” type character. The poor housewife ignored by her cheating husband. Always immaculately dressed and just stunning. She has a beautiful collections of hats too *swoon*.

Call the Midwife

Same era, still in London, but moving to the East End and the less glamorous “Call the Midwife” also by the BBC. There are no fancy 50’s modern interiors (The Midwives live with Nuns & their patients live quite *simply*…I grew up poor so I refuse to call it “squalor”), the midwives get around on bikes and 99% of the fashion is their midwife uniform and the nuns habits. But, oh, I love this one.  For me having babies was magical and I get very emotional watching others go through the same, even if it is actors just pretending. Finding images of the girls in anything but their uniform is tough, but the uniform is gorgeous. I really want one for myself and have even purchased a pattern (not in my size sadly) that is almost identical to recreate it. I also need a coat just like this one and I adore the cute little hats they wear.

The main character/narrator is Jenny. Running away from her life and straight into the lives of people living in a way she could never have imagined. When she is out of uniform she has clothes I would quite happily live in myself. Actually it is pretty much the way I dress all the time – dress & cardigan.

My favourite character would have to be Chummy (the really tall girl with glasses played by Miranda Hart *love*) and I adore the suit she gets married in as well. I love love love a good wedding suit & hat. I wish I could go back in time and wear one myself instead of the dress I thought I should wear.  I can’t wait for season two!

Pan Am

Pan Am ended awhile ago (and has been cancelled) but I have just finished re watching season 1. Again, a uniform I would love. I love the suit and given that I am obsessed with hats, of course I want the hat too. Pan Am was nice for a bit of fluff. A bit soap opera-y, but fun.

Kate Cameron escaped her middle class life to travel the world as an air hostess and is the family black sheep. She ends up becoming a spy for the CIA and is romantically involved with someone from an enemy country who the CIA decide they want her to “turn”. Like I said, a bit of fun…I love all of Kates wardrobe – classic, elegant & grown up. As the black sheep of my own family, I can relate to a lot of what she goes through with the family….not so much the spy stuff. I can’t keep a secret for longer than five minutes, however I did give birth to twins without drugs though, so I might stand up to the torture part ok.

Kate rescues baby sis Laura (aka the golden girl) from a marriage & middle class life she doesn’t want. Her sister then joins Pan Am too and gets assigned to the same flight crew. She is trying to let go a little. She is definitely the “baby” of the show. I find her clothes a mix of trying-to-let-go-and-be-trendy and more traditional look which seems to be all embroidered cardigans.

Then you have Colette. French & orphaned (thanks to the natzi’s). She falls for a guy, gets her heartrboken (he turns out to be married), falls for the pilot and gets her heartbroken (when his former girlfriend reappears), falls for another guy who turns out to be a prince who then has her background checked and discovers she has a brother…you can’t make this stuff up! (well apparently the writers of Pan Am can) She looks stunning in every single episode. Love her make-up in this show (heavy winged liner).

Lastly there is Maggie (played by a very petite Christina Ricci). She conned her way up the ladder from waitress to Pan Am hostess and she is not giving up without a fight. Love all her wardrobe, but especially the pink hat & gloves.

While searching for the Pan Am images I came across this Bring Back the Sweater Vest blog on how to recreate the looks of each character and I found them all really inspiring and do-able. Of course it is the looks in a more modern way, so it may not suit those who are into pure vintage, but I thought it was definitely worth a mention.

I know this era is really popular in TV at the moment which is fine by me. Even if I am not  a fan of the writing/acting there is just so much eye candy that this vintage loving girl is happy to watch them all.

Miss Fairchild




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6 Responses to Vintage Fashion on TV

  1. Oh I love period movies and TV shows. Thanks for the suggestion of The Hour, I’d never heard of it before but will definitely be watching it. And I might have to give Pan Am a try – that green suit Kate Cameron is wearing is gorgeous!

    I have been accused of looking like I’m wearing a costume, it just doesn’t really bother me because really channeling an era is part of the fun for me rather than finding vintage clothes that look modern.

    • I really love traditional vintage as opposed to modern ones, but I am struggling with the costume feel. That being said, I felt more in costume trying on some reproduction pieces (from Bettie Page, Stop Staring ect.) than I did in “real” vintage.

      Hope you enjoy Pam Am, I felt like I was a bit harsh on it (I am always snarky when I am ill), I really did enjoy it for what it was and the hair/make up/clothing was all amazing. I especially loved anything where they showed them in their undergarments. They wear a girdle, proper stockings and a longline bra. I am obsessed with vintage undergarments and love seeing them where ever I can….thought that sounds creepier than I mean it to be….

      • Not creepy, I totally agree. I wish more people would post about their undergarments because when you’re not raised with all that stuff it can seem really foreign and complicated. I recently bought my first longline bra and it’s pretty cool!

      • I visited the granny lingerie store near me recently and they are ordering in a longline bra for me to try. I have quite a large bust and have always struggled with bras and my back. I am hoping this really helps. Also I think they look adorable.

  2. So many great outfits and hairstyles 🙂 Get well soon!

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