Beautiful Skin

I first dipped my toe into vintage beauty books with “The Handbook of Beauty” by Constance Hart. I purchased it thinking I would have a good giggle at the outdated advice, but it turns out I ended up loving it. It is surprisingly not outdated. Even the diet advice is pretty stock standard in regards to what you find today (eat more if you are under weight, eat less if you are over weight, eat the same if you want to stay the same). This is always on my bedside table and I find myself picking it up daily. Especially at the moment.

The Handbook of Beauty by Constance Hart

“Just what makes a beautiful skin? First, it must be clear – free of blemishes if any kind. Second, it must be smooth to the touch. Third, it must be spotlessly clean. Fourth, it must look alive – blooming, not sluggish.”

Unfortunately at the moment my skin is not looking alive and bloooming. I am breaking out, I look sickly and grey. My face looks all splotchy. My facial routine has remained the same, keeping it nice and clean and soft…but that’s it.

Ms Hart’s advice:

“Basically, all types of skin require the same care if they are to look their best. This care consists of three things: the right foods, enough sleep and regular exercise.”

Miss Fairchild’s Skin Report Card would read something like this:

  • Right Foods – F
  • Sleep – F
  • Regular Exercise – F

I am failing on all three parts. For me it all starts with sleep. I have had chronic insomnia since I was nine (yes you read that right) and at the moment it is at it’s worst. I haven’t slept longer than an hour a day for the past week. After the first day I start getting the dark circles and start looking sickly. Which leads me to regular exercise. I was running 3x a week and strength training 2x a week….then I stopped sleeping well. Which left me too tired to exercise. Which led me to stop eating well and start binging on sugar and carbs to make it through the day. It is no wonder my skin isn’t behaving.

Working my way backwards I have banished the sugar from the house and am snacking instead on green smoothies. I actually love these. I use whatever we have in our fridge. If you are unfamiliar with green smoothies you might want to try one that Dita Von Teese drinks regularly to keep her skin luscious. The recipe can be found HERE.

Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment to see if we can try to reset my sleeping. Then if the weather can co-operate and not be boiling I can start running again.

Now tell me ladies…what are your tips for beautiful skin? I need all the help I can get on this one.

Miss Fairchild

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11 Responses to Beautiful Skin

  1. calmyourbeans says:

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  2. Jennifer says:

    I use an oil cleanser which is a godsend. It depends on your skin type (I have dry skin, but have heard reports that certain oils even work well on oilier skin) but using it every few days makes my skin smooth and clean and amazingly alive! I am lucky in that I have always had quite clear skin but dry and flaky patches seem to get the better of me sometimes. Good luck with your new routines x

  3. My tips for good skin are 1) birth control pills, 2) vegetables, 3) staying out of the sun and wearing sunscreen and a hat every minute that I’m outside. Sleep and exercise are good, too, but we do what we can.

    • Great tips. Sunscreen is absolutely vital (especially as I am super pale)…but birth control pills are out for me 😦 they give me migraines that have stroke lie symptoms (but temporary) – numbness on one side of the body, not being able to talk properly and nausea. I was in hospital so many times before they linked the two.

      • Wow, that’s scary! Yeah my tip of birth control pills was a bit tongue in cheek – I think it’s funny when I get compliments on my skin because I feel like it’s a total cheat. I went off birth control for a year and my skin got crazy because my body hasn’t figured out that I’m not a teenager anymore! 😦

      • That is the reason I went on birth control pills in the first place…at 15 I had absolutely no need for them – teenage boys held absolutely no appeal to me but everyone thought that was me fibbing. I really thought that when I hit 30 I would have to worry more about wrinkles than pimples. Urg – sometimes being a girl sucks!

      • Haha, teenage boys held appeal to me but not the other way around 🙂

      • After watching so many 1940/1950s movies modern day teen boys made me crazy – and not in the “boy crazy” way. I was teased constantly and labelled a lesbian thanks to my aversion. I had actually started to think maybe they were right when I fell madly and crazily in love. Almost fourteen years later and he is still around.

  4. I to am getting fs, but then I always have. I moved from pimples straight to wrinkles, with my only good skin during pregnancy – maybe why I have 5 children! I know what the lack of sleep is like, its a real viscous circle isn’t it? And my dog just broke her leg and isn’t to be walked for 6 weeks – so know I feel guilty even going for a walk! Green smoothies are my only saviour – one every morning for the last fortnight now – even the kids are getting to like them! Now I just need to cut out the wine! xx

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