My Christmas Wishlist (The Dream Version)

This Christmas things are tight. Hubby and I have decided on a $30 limit for our presents with the rest being spent on our lovely little girls. As I am a dreamer, I decided to share with you my ultimate Christmas wish list this year. I have been lusting over lots of pretty things…

Chanel Gardenia Perfume


1. Chanel Gardenia 

I have been coveting a Gardenia (my favourite flower) fragrance for awhile now. I tried on so many, but this one stood out. Such a beautiful fragrance and lets face it, this would look perfect on my dresser, or on my beside table just like Marilyn Monroe & her bottle of No. 5 (Have you seen the new Chanel video with Marilyn?)

Tiffany & Co. Blue Leather Heart Lock Diary

2. Heart Lock Diary from Tiffany & Co.

I have been keeping a diary in one form or another since I was just a little girl. I have been on the hunt for a pretty (and lockable) diary for awhile then I stumbled across this. Not only is it from Tiffanys, but it’s Tiffany Blue – every girls favourite colour!

Repetto Ballerina Cendrillon Calfskin in Captain Blue

3. Ballerina Cendrillon in Captain Blue Calfskin by Repetto

I don’t wear heels at all. I just can’t stand them. Like the lovely Audrey Hepburn, I prefer flats. I also love these, rumoured to be a favourite brand of Ms Hepburn.

Hermes Coquilles Silk Scarf

4. Hermes Coquilles Silk Scarf

I have an unhealthy obsession with silk scarves. I have found so many beautiful ones over the years, but I have yet to own a beautiful designer one. This green/purple/blue is just stunning.

Mistress Collection Kimono Pyjamas

5. Silk Kimono Top & Silk Pyjama TrousersMistress collection via Etsy

Silk pyjamas are high on my wish list at the moment. Unfortunately being an Australian sz 16 most luxury brands don’t cater to me leaving me with polyester. Thank goodness for independent designers on Etsy. I would kill for these beautiful silk pj’s – in emerald green preferably.

Agent Provocateur Silk Stockings

6. Silk Stockings by Agent Provocateur

I love wearing stockings, especially fully fashioned nylons with beautiful back seams…but silk stockings…I think every girl dreams of being given a pair of beautiful silk stockings (right?).

Sugar Paper Signature Monogram Stationary

7. Signature Monogram Stationary by Sugar Paper 

Last on my wish list is beautiful stationary. This beautiful letter pressed monogrammed stationary is perfect for me to practice my thank you card writing on.

What is on your dream Christmas list this year ladies?

Miss Fairchild

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14 Responses to My Christmas Wishlist (The Dream Version)

  1. They’re lovely! I can’t think of anything I want for myself this year. The only thing I thought of when my sister asked me what I’d like was a small gift voucher for Lush!

  2. Awesome wish list! I would be delighted to find any of them under the Christmas tree, too, including green silk PJs.

    Gardenia is one of my favorite flower fragrances! I have a 2 x 3 ft shrub right next to my front steps. I love sitting next to it when it is in bloom. I have tried a few gardenia perfumes, but I wasn’t aware Channel made one.

    • Gardenia is my favourite flower. My great Nana had a bush next to the steps into her house and that smell always takes me back. I bought my first Gardenia plant a few weeks ago, but I imagine it won’t be until next year before it blooms. Here’s hoping a pair of silk pj’s makes its way under your tree this year.

  3. What an absolutely lovely holiday wish list. I can relate to your situation. My husband and I were hit with an unexpected car repair bill toward the end of November (for nearly a grand) that completely threw our budget – very much including our Christmas budget – out of whack for the next while. While a tad irksome for sure, it’s not the end of the world of course, and I don’t mind the challenge of rejigging things to find awesome gifts for everyone on my list on a shoestring this year.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Sorry to hear about the car. I am enjoying the challenge too, surprisingly. I am busy making things that I would have otherwise just bought. Including a big fancy “proper” tutu for my eldest daughter. They cost a fortune to buy, but the supplies barely set me back $20.

  4. I just want everyone to take me shopping!!! 😀

  5. Kristian says:

    It is always fun to dream. I like the silk robe, myself!

  6. missbobbypin says:

    I might have to just steal your entire Christmas list! Maybe I’ll add a bottle of Perrier-Jouët too (but purely for the pretty flowers on the bottle)

  7. Katie says:

    Oh wow! I never knew Chanel had a Gardenia fragrance. I have not seen it in any stores around me.

    • The only stores that carry it in Australia are the Chanel boutiques. It isn’t available at their counters in department stores. It also seems like it is available online from the Chanel website as well.

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