Christmas DIY – Tissue Paper Pom Poms

With our school work mostly finished for the year (our girls are homeschooled) we have a lot more time to fill. To stave off the “I’m bored” chorus I have planned a few Christmas craft activities. The first was making this years advent calendar which has been named “Christmas Street” find the printables for Christmas Street HERE.

Christmas Street AdventOnce that was done we popped a treat inside each one with a Christmas related activity to do each day. Given that I am no Martha Stewart and have very little patience for craft, there will be a lot of “watch Christmas movie” or “read Christmas book”. Today though we decided to try tissue paper pom poms. I have wanted to try these for ages and this was the perfect time. I am hoping to have the house fully decorated by Friday as it’s our twins birthday party and they have decided they want an Xmas themed party (they have made it so easy on me this year!).

We used the instructions on Martha Stewart’s website HERE. But we also found THIS video to be helpful. Sometimes you just need to see someone doing something, rather than just reading instructions.

Family CraftingFamily Crafting Time (before anyone says anything – yes these are my DAUGHTERS they just like having short hair)

The list of things you need is simply tissue paper and floral wire. You can probably use something other than floral wire, but I read some of the other things tore the tissue paper. We grabbed ours from Spotlight for a few dollars.

Tissue Paper and Floral Wire

Martha Stewart’s instructions suggest 8 sheets of tissue paper. This was the perfect amount when we cut our tissue paper sheets in half to make smaller pom poms. When Miss 12 & 11 made a larger one they used 12 full sheets and that was just right. One of our twins made a smaller one and 8 sheets was too much (6 would have been better for 1/4 size pom poms). If anything doesn’t make sense just leave a comment and I will try to explain better.

Pom Poms Step 1

Our step one was cutting our tissue paper in half. Then stacking 8 half sheets on top of one another. If using full sheets stack 12 on top (and obviously don’t cut them), if using 1/4 sheets stack 6 on top.

Pom Poms Step 2Step two – make an accordion fold along the shorter side of your stack of tissue paper until you have it in a small stack.

Martha Stewart Pom Poms

Step 3 – wrap the middle of your stack with floral wire to hold it together and round the edges. I forgot to take a photo of us doing that stage…so see above for Martha’s photos.


Pom Poms Step 3

Step 4 – Fluff your Pom Pom. I really recommend watching the video before you start. It helped us a lot.

Finished Pom Pom

Ta-da – finished Pom Pom. This is one of mine. I preferred solid colours…I was the only one. The kids and hubby decided to make red & white ones. We then hung some above our dining table and the others in our lounge room.

Decorating Pom Poms

And so concludes my first Christmas craft. What do you think? I love them. Do you guys have any other Christmas craft suggestions?

Miss Fairchild

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8 Responses to Christmas DIY – Tissue Paper Pom Poms

  1. reretro says:

    i like the architectural advent calendar…each era represented from post-colonial to post-modern. i hope one of your daughters decides to become an architect- that would be a great outcome. keep up the good architectural training!

    • I have to admit I secretly hope the same thing. Miss 11 has been making the most amazing buildings since she had blocks when she was a toddler. She loves lego and sometimes we just marvel at the things she makes as we have no idea how she does it.

  2. Jennifer says:

    They look great! Very fancy, whenever I try crafts they always look awful haha.

    P.S. Your girls are rocking the short hair, I love it!

    • Usually when I try them the same thing happens…this time they turned out and I couldn’t believe it. Though Miss 12, ever the perfectionist, was almost in tears as hers didn’t look as perfect as Martha Stewarts … Poor girl doesn’t realise no one is as good as Martha! The twins are really loving the hair – and they look just adorable. Hubby even shaved his head to show solidarity.

  3. Ooooh gorgeous! You have more patience than I do for this stuff, I still can’t make those standard wooly pom poms without them falling apart…

  4. Ruby Armoire says:

    Great minds think alike – I’ve made tinsel pom poms to strew about my home. I also love the architecture advent, just delightful!

    Ruby xx

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