Backroll with a Headscarf & Random Happenings

Today was my chance to sew some of my girls presents while they were out of the house. Ahh Park day – my favourite day as hubby takes them out for a few hours to see other homeschoolers in the area for a play at our favourite park. Which leaves me in peace, quiet and total solitude in my house. Don’t get me wrong, I love that my family can be together as much as we are, but sometimes I just need a bit of quiet time and if that quiet time can take place at home in my pjs, even better.

I did need to do something about my hair to get it out of the way and normally I would just throw it up in a pony tail or a head scarf but after seeing THIS TUTORIAL on the By Gum, By Golly blog I knew I had to try it. Turns out it is ridiculously easy and my hair was done in about two minutes.

Missfairchild Hair

Me looking less than glamorous (and more than a little unwell) for my first blog photo…at least my hair is pretty

The only thing I could have used was some hair spray to stop the frizz but I am all out (shock horror) and this is just to keep my hair out of my face at home.

Unfortunately things went downhill pretty quickly after this. Had I seen the above photo earlier I could have predicted how the day was going to go. I managed to get most of the sewing done for a petticoat I am making for Miss 12…but then my bobbin started jamming and I couldn’t fix it. Not to worry…I would have had to give up anyway as I almost passed out. A quick check of the blood sugars and sure enough…dangerously low. That’s my excuse to eat some jelly beans. Unfortunately they haven’t been able to stay up at all this afternoon. So here I am in bed tending to the blog, watching “Get Smart”  and drinking tea/eating sugary snacks.

Miss Fairchild Afternoon Tea


French Earl Grey Tea by T2, organic almonds & apricot (from CERES) & an Uncle Tobys Simply Fruit Bar (sultanas, apricot, poppyseed & orange) that tastes a lot like a fruit mince pie

On an even more random note…I have decided I need some “tray cloths”. I only discovered them last night. My breakfast tray is looking a bit worse for wear (it was my best friend during two years sick in bed) and could do with a glamorous makeover. I have seen some cute embroidered ones on etsy – some with a matching napkin. As I still find myself all too often in bed at meal times I think this would spruce up breakfast in bed.

Tray Cloth via Etsy

I quite like this tray cloth for sale via Etsy

While I am slow to get into the Christmas mood this year (our tree still isn’t up), after yesterdays crafting I popped on some Christmas music and I even managed a Christmas manicure.

Miss Fairchild - Nails

English Rose – Ulta3 Nail Polish (an Australian Brand)

I love this nail polish so much, but I only ever wear it during the Christmas season. I usually hate shimmery and glittery polishes, but this one is the perfect Xmas red with just the hint of a subtle shimmer. It is also an Ulta3 made before production moved overseas and lasts forever (seriously this $2 nail polish brand – the made in Australia ones – outlast my $20 OPI’s by days).

I love this version of “Baby it’s Cold Outside” 

Lastly a song (which I only recently had pointed out that it is very rapey…sadly I agree) which I can’t help but love and always gets me in the Christmas mood. I especially love the version done by Rain Wilson & Selma Blair for the GAP. Yesterday hubby mentioned how he would love to see Rain Wilson do a version of “Santa Baby” … now that would really make this Christmas!

(a terribly scattered and sick) Miss Fairchild

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10 Responses to Backroll with a Headscarf & Random Happenings

  1. All right, it’s official, I have to try that hairstyle. Your hair looks great – I love the color!

  2. Your hair turned out wonderfully! Tasha’s howto is the best I’ve ever seen (past or present) on this particular hairstyle. Love that vibrant shade of red your sporting – it looks gorgeous on you!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. alylala says:

    I am SO glad to see you blogging again! Your hair is amazing and I am most definitely trying it out.

  4. Kristian says:

    I like to do headscarf rolls too. Fun to play with your hair.

  5. sarah says:

    oh miss fairchild, i am totally captivated by your lovely blog! and your hair is the most beautiful shade – are your children blessed with it as well?

    • Awww aren’t you sweet? Thanks so much. All of my girls take after their father with beautiful blonde hair (I thought a red head might slip through the cracks…but nope, all four are blondes). Though my hair stopped being naturally red when I was 12 and ever since I have been dying my hair to keep it nice and red.

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