My Ultimate Christmas Song

My Christmas iPod playlist is getting quite a work out at the moment. I have been putting it on when we have been crafting as well as when I am out on my own. Today this song came on and I found myself extremely teary (which was quite a sight on the bus). I had completely forgotten about it. I first heard this song on Christmas a few years back. Our ex-room mate (a single guy) spends every xmas day with us and is part of the family and he bought us a Tim Minchin (a comedian/musician) DVD. We sat around in the sweltering heat drinking frozen margaritas and playing monopoly while watching it.

It is such a beautiful song and, for me at least, captures an Aussie-non-religious Christmas. There is no white Christmas here in Australia. Hot chocolates are out and ice cream is in. Using the over will just make the house even hotter (and who wants to eat a roast dinner when it’s 40 degrees out?). There is no tobogganing or outdoor ice skating (I am not sure it gets cold enough any where to have an outdoor skating rink even in winter). “Baby it’s hot outside” or “Walking in A Ridiculously Hot Wonderland” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. I also tend to shy away from religious Christmas carols (given that I am not religious). Which just left me with Australian-ised versions of Christmas songs until this song which is now my ultimate Christmas song and reminds me of pretty much every Christmas my family has ever had.

Tim Minchin – White Wine in the Sun

Tell me ladies, what is your ultimate Christmas song (and it doesn’t have to be a song about Christmas)?

Miss Fairchild

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4 Responses to My Ultimate Christmas Song

  1. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this before! What a gorgeous, emotional song. I put my dinner down after ten seconds and didn’t move for the whole thing. Beautiful!

  2. I usually just listen to the Elvis Christmas songs because he’s the best. There will definitely be no snow in LA – it’s generally warm in December – and I’m also not religious. I do like some of the religious songs, though, just because they’re pretty. Silent Night and all.

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