Sunday Best

After seeing THIS POST on the Lady Jardin Blog  I decided to join in. I have been trying to think of a way of incorporating some outfits into the blog and this seemed the perfect way. It also appeals to the OCD/Over planner in me.

Before we jump straight into the images I want to let you know that all images of me on this blog will be un-retouched. That doesn’t mean I won’t play around in photoshop, but it is my commitment   to not alter my looks at all. In my previous life I was a photographer and I know all the tricks to smooth out skin, retouch pimples and even take a few kilos off. But I believe that one of the main reasons so many women struggle with accepting themselves is thanks to photos of models (who are already stunning) being over manipulated into something that is not even attainable for said models. So here I am…100% the real me pimples and all.

Miss Fairchild - Sunday BestMake-up

Max Factor False Lash Effect Waterproof Mascara
Becca Beach Tint Water Resistant Colour for Cheeks & Lips
NYX Lip Liner Pencil in Plush Red 813
Revlon Fire & Ice Creme Lipstick

Pin Curl Set – Classic Retro Glamour 

Miss Fairchild - Sunday BestWearing

Vintage Glasses – Etsy
Pink Pussy Bow Blouse by Club Prive – Op Shop
Vest by Target – Op Shop
Pants by Basque – Gifted by Veganopoulous (thanks lovely!)
Shoes by Ferragamo – EBay

Miss Fairchild (who hopes to get more comfortable in front of the camera soon)

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28 Responses to Sunday Best

  1. Janey says:

    I super applaud you for this!!!! And totally agree with you on the fact that manipulating photos of models really is an issue that messes with women’s self-esteem issues. I remember looking at the magazine section at a store one day and thinking “No wonder none of the boys like me. I don’t look like that.”

    And remember to have fun being in front of the camera! Laughing and giggling always produces a nice moment. 🙂


    • Thanks lovely! It is such a tough issue as we are bombarded with these images constantly and the reality is even the models themselves don’t look like that. I’m sorry to hear you felt that way, but I think almost every woman has at one stage or another. I will try to have fun in front of the camera…I am just totally not comfortable there, much happier behind the camera.

  2. caroline1t says:

    That is a great picture! The retouched ones always look so weird anyway. You look fantastic and I have to say that I really love your hair!

  3. Teresa says:

    You look gorgeous! I love love LOVE your glasses and your whole outfit is cute. 🙂

  4. natalie1day says:

    Love your hair! Totally agree, it’s a shame magazines do that as it gives women and girls a false perception of how they could look but that it is totally unattainable! Good on you, look gorge x

  5. Harlow says:

    You look so lovely, I love your hair so much, the colour and the style!
    I swear, my whole life just consists of comparing myself to other women…models, actresses, bloggers…it’s madness.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words. I think we all do that. It’s hard not to when not only do we get bombarded with images of these perfect people but right next to the picture is “get abs like Madonna” or something else implying that if we just try hard enough we can look just like those celebrities, that actually don’t even look like that thanks to photoshop.

  6. Awesome! That is such a great looking outfit. Go the pants!!!

  7. You look great! And your hair turned out perfectly. I don’t retouch my pictures either – the only thing I ever do is attempt to lighten/darken them in iPhoto when I inevitably take a terrible picture. As a person with a history of eating disorders and hating the way I look, I now try to represent myself 100% accurately and be open about it because I don’t want the same thing for anyone else.

    • I’m sorry to hear you went through that. My eldest daughter had the beginnings of an eating disorder when she was just nine…ever since then I have tried my hardest to watch my language and attitude about my own body. She will have a hard enough time with the bombardment from the media. ((((hugs))))

  8. Kristian says:

    So impressed with your hair! (It looks so much like that photo of Judy Garland below!)

  9. Frankii Silver says:

    Your hair looks fantastic! I’ve been toying with the idea of ding my hair a similar colour, it looks great on you! Your photos look beautiful, you don’t look uncomfortable at all! I look forward to seeing more xxx

  10. Xenia says:

    I love your entire outfit. You hair is looks especially beautiful. It is a lovely glam style and I love the color. You are so right about those retouched photos. Most of the time I forget that the photos are retouched. It is amazing how much retouching of photos can make a person look so different and “perfect”.

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment. It is really hard to remember, even as someone who worked in the industry and knows how much editing goes into a photo, I still find myself getting sucked in.

  11. Ruby Armoire says:

    You look lovely, super pretty eyes, no ‘shopping needed! Can’t wait to see more of your gorgeous outfits!

    Ruby xx

  12. Carina says:

    I am quite like you…more comfortable behind the camera. Although I have slowly come to embrace who I am, despite not being like those thin/seemingly ‘perfect’ models in fashion magazines!

    Like the above comment states, you don’t even need photo shop! You are beautiful (and style a really cute outfit).

    xx Carina
    P.S Thank you for your comments on my blog! The Red Velvet Cupcake at Little Cupcakes is DIVINE; I can understand why your children love it! You’re so lucky to live in gorgeous Melbourne, I was impressed by the lengths it went to decorate the city for Christmas too! (notably the light show at the Town Hall)

    • You just need to remember that not even the fashion models look the way they do in the magazines. Thanks so much for the lovely comments and so glad you enjoyed your time here. I adore Melbourne and can’t imagine ever leaving it now.

  13. I take precisely the same stance with my photos, too, and even when my husband sweetly offers to give them a thorough once over in PS, I decline. I don’t mind erasing an obvious zit or the like, but beyond that I always want to present the truest and most accurate version of myself to the world.

    You look, and are, absolutely beautiful, dear gal – as Ruby said above, there is definitely no “shopping needed” with your stylish snaps.

    ♥ Jessica

  14. stylentonic says:

    Your hair… absolutely perfect!!!! Super look xxx

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