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While I Was Away…

As I am catching up on blogs and the internet in general, I am finding some amazing gems and have decided to share some links with you while I get myself together for some “proper” posts from some of the … Continue reading

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Versatile Blogger Award

Another award! This one is from the lovely Vixilerue.¬†I am so honoured. My little blog is barely beginning and I have had so much support. Thank you so much to everyone. While I have been away I have also been … Continue reading

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My Cold Cream Recipe

EDITED TO ADD CUP/SPOON MEASUREMENTS!!! EDITED AGAIN AT THE END Before we get into it – Cold Cream is a water/oil emulsion that is used as a cleanser. It is not “Vanishing Cream” (which is actually what we would call … Continue reading

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A Very Belated Liebster Blog Award

Way back on December 7th last year the divine Erika from Fun With Vintage¬†gave me the Liebster Blog Award. I took my time trying to find some wonderful new-to-vintage-blogging bloggers to nominate but before I could find them and get … Continue reading

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A Quick Catch up

I thought I had better do a quick catch up post before I plough headlong into regular programming. After a two month battle with our internet service provider my husband called to disconnect us entirely – only to be told … Continue reading

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