A Quick Catch up

I thought I had better do a quick catch up post before I plough headlong into regular programming.

After a two month battle with our internet service provider my husband called to disconnect us entirely – only to be told they could add this one note on the system and BAM internet was back. We still had internet during that time, but it was dial up speed. I couldn’t even load my gmail let alone my blog. During that time some stuff happened…

1. I made a whole bunch of Christmas presents. I sewed pikachu pillow pets for my twins and knitted voodoo dolls for Miss 11 and gathered metres and metres of tulle into the puffiest petticoat for my eldest daughter. I also discovered freezer paper stencilling and saved myself a bomb by making the girls shirts (including minecraft creepers, “kaboom girl” (Miss 11’s preferred name) and a rip off of a t-shirt I had seen on the Australian Ballet website (selling for $50) for Miss 12. I sewed and knitted and sewed some more. Until two days before Christmas my sewing machine seized up and refused to work. After my total over reaction (offering to stab hubby with sewing scissors if he said “it will be ok” one more time) I realised there was nothing I could do and then proceeded to actually get some sleep before Christmas. Children loved what I made them and all was well.

Handmade Christmas Presents

2. I mentioned a few times that Christmas was tight this year, hence the sewing & knitting & t-shirt making. Much much earlier in the year we went through a rough spot and a friend who delivers food parcels to the needy delivered one to us. It was fantastic but didn’t hear from them again for awhile. Then while our internet was down they were emailing us – but obviously didn’t get it. So a few days before Christmas there was a knock on the door and there was an entire ute (I believe they are called pick up trucks in the states) filled with presents and food – just for us. Apparently each class at a local private school “adopted” a family for Christmas and we were one of those adopted. I had no idea we were even nominated. The sheer volume of presents was astounding. I alternated between shock and crying hysterically. It was one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to us and restored my faith in humanity.

3. I got a really nice tea cup/saucer/desert plate set that hubby dug up in an op shop for me. It is really lovely and the fact that he went hunting for it made it more special. I also received a few more books from the “Miss Fisher” murder mystery series and two revlon lippies that were on my list (Cherries in the Snow and Blase Apricot)….so I think he may have very slightly exceeded our $30 limit on each other.

Christmas Present Tea Set

4. I turned 31 and my birthday curse lived on. I won’t get into it, but in 31 years I have yet to have a nice birthday. This one particularly sucked as I spent the whole day either throwing up or in the foetal position in bed. Though I was lucky enough to spend a night out a week later with two lovely friends at The Astor Theatre (a beautiful art deco old movie theatre) seeing an Audrey Hepburn double (Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Roman Holiday) for my birthday. Though I will admit I was sad that two very special people in my life couldn’t make it (I know you are both reading – I miss you both!). I also splurged on the most amazing dress from VaVoom Vintage it popped up in the store just before Christmas but the lovely Brittany held it for me until I could pay for it in the new year.  It is so special and it is coming with me in two weeks when I fly off to Sydney to see the Paris Opera Ballet perform “Giselle”.

Green Vintage Dress

5. I asked my mum for the portrait of my dad and me. She has been holding onto it for years (my father and I stopped speaking ten years ago) for me, knowing once the anger passed I would want it back. She was right. My brother flew back with it on my birthday. I love it so much and just need to find the perfect place to hang it. It was taken when I was one at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney and my parents found the frame, with beautiful curved glass in the hard rubbish collection. I guess scavenging is in the blood!


6. I bought my first real vintage dresses. First was the Green dress from VaVoom Vintage. Then I purchased two a 60’s secretary type dress and a late 60’s/early 70’s (I think) geometric print shirt dress from the lovely Lilli from the Frocks & Frou Frou Blog. She was having a wardrobe clear out. I have a lot of vintage “style” clothing, quite a few accessories (hats, bags, gloves, brooches ect.) and skirt…but these were my first proper vintage pieces. As well as the two dresses she also sold me this incredible vintage black beaded cardigan. It is in amazing condition. I had to fix the lining a little, but that was it. Then when I went to pick up my goodies she had also included a beautiful black vintage hat as a birthday present. So lucky!

Black Vintage Cardigan

The cardigan is actually jet black – I lightened the photo so you can see the amazing beading!

7. I FINALLY found the right shade for my hair. I have been trying for almost two years to get a nice bright orangey colour to my hair. I spent a small fortune on hair dressers before moving onto box dyes. Given that all the red box dyes in Australia are the same colour I gave up pretty quickly and moved to pro dyes. I love my colour so much! (But I still want it to be a bit more orange, a bit less red)

Almost Orange Hair

8. I tried my hand at dyeing some cream cotton blouses I had picked up at an op shop. It worked fantastic and they are both now a beautiful emerald green….however I managed to tear a big hole in the back of one of them. Once my sewing machine is fixed I am going to try to do something with it…but I will need to get creative (I can’t sew the hole up).

9. I applied, interviewed, was accepted and then enrolled in a Millinery course at TAFE. I have always had a love of hats and it never occurred to me to pursue it until a few weeks ago. It is just one night a week and thankfully that night is the only night the girls don’t have sports – meaning I can actually do it! This is HUGE for me as I have spent most of the last few years quite sick and if not in bed, at home. For those who don’t know me already, a few years ago I had a total physical and mental breakdown after nearly working myself to death. Reality is I will probably never again be able to live the way I used to (and I don’t actually want that). I spend a lot of time at home and the internet, especially vintage blogs, have been my saviour. So this is massive. It is extremely nerve wracking as I would hate to have taken a space and then not be able to do it.

10. I have been making some new friends on twitter. If you want to chat to me (I spend way to much time tweeting) you can find me HERE.

So that is the super quick condensed version of what has been happening since I disappeared. Tomorrow will be my very belated “Liebster Blog Award” post that was given to me by the delightful Erika of the Fun with Vintage Blog

So everyone – what’s been happening?

Miss Fairchild xoxo


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10 Responses to A Quick Catch up

  1. It’s really nice to hear from you again 🙂 I wish you a (quite belated) happy new year – good luck for all your projects (the Millinery course sounds great!).

  2. Nora says:

    Eeee super excited to read this post! First of all, I’m really sorry to find out about your financial hardship. I’ve been a bit down lately too because I keep having to send money back home to Indonesia where my family home’s currently flooded right now. I can understand that things are tough for you too, let’s be strong together!

    Congratulations on your first vintage purchase. This will only be the beginning of a fantastic journey! My first two vintage pieces are actually a 1940s hat and a 1950s pillbox hat instead of a dress – I’m really excited to see what your future purchases will be! It has only been a year since I wear vintage full-time, but it’s been the most exciting year fashion-wise! That beaded cardigan is definitely a great piece to start – I’m still yet to find one for myself!! (How can I call myself a 50s gal without a beaded cardigan?!)

    Love your hair color – finding the perfect haircut/color is such an adventure isn’t it? I’m thinking of growing out my pixie atm but I’m not sure whether I will regret it! It’s been such a great cut for me but I’m keen to try some vintage hairstyles (victory rolls, here I come!)

    What’s been happening to me? I’ve been tweeting you lots, working far too hard (and thanks to your experience I’ve realised I need to really cut back my hours), sewing my first 50s dress, and stressing about the blog. I’ve been feeling like I need to improve my blog but am not sure what to do and too busy to spend more time on the blog 😦 Honestly, the past week or two have been emotionally draining due to various reasons but it can only get better from now hopefully!

    • ((((hugs)))) it must be tough. I helped support my mother and little brothers for many years, I know it’s not easy. As you say – let’s be strong together!

      It is so hard to find the right pieces with vintage BUT it is such a win when you do. I can’t wait to have enough items to wear full time. My nan would totally chastise me for that. She only had a handful of items and would wash and wear them regularly.

      Hair really is an adventure. The best thing with growing out your hair (as opposed to lopping it off) if you don’t like it you can go straight back to your pixie!

      One thing I have learned – there is never enough time and you can work yourself to death all too easy. In my case I was killing myself for something I didn’t even really care about (money). Now I’m living life (sort of) and am totally broke, but a million times happier. Take care of yourself. ((((((hugs))))))

  3. vixilerue says:

    I love your blog 🙂 I stopped by to tell you that I have nominated you for a versatile blog award.

  4. Teresa says:

    Your husband is the sweetest for finding you that gorgeous teacup set. I love it and I love your new hair colour. It looks fabulous!

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you make in your millinery course. It sounds like it will be quite challening and exactly what you’re wanting to do. I’ve started up studying again this year too so it’ll be interesting to see how I go with that and running Bess Georgette.

    I’ve never been able to find copies of Miss Fisher’s books so I’m extremely jealous of yours! 🙂


  5. That hair color looks stunning against your pale skin. I do love me a fiery orange!

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