A Very Belated Liebster Blog Award

Way back on December 7th last year the divine Erika from Fun With Vintage gave me the Liebster Blog Award. I took my time trying to find some wonderful new-to-vintage-blogging bloggers to nominate but before I could find them and get the post up my Internet went kaput. So this is a very, very belated post.

Liebster Award Gif

I absolutely love Erika’s style and given that I hadn’t been blogging that long it really meant a lot to me. I found it incredibly frustrating to not be able to blog my thanks and pay it forward to other bloggers.

Here are the rules of the award:

1. Link and follow the blogger who awarded you
2. Blog about the award
3. Give the award to 5 other bloggers – preferably bloggers with less than 200 followers
4. Answer the 11 questions I asked you and create 11 questions to your 5 awarded bloggers
Answers to Erika’s Questions:

1) Can you do a craft? e.g. sewing, knitting, etc? If so, how did you learn?

Despite having a few blogs posts about crafty things…I am actually terrible at most crafts. My mum can sew, knit and crochet just about anything. My Grandmama could knit and she sewed a lot of her own costumes (she was a performer from vaudville days until the day she died) and my Nana is a beautiful painter (as well as being a preschool teacher for 30 years…so yeah, she can craft up a storm). My mum finally taught me to knit a few years ago when I was visiting though until Christmas I had only attempted scarves and beanies. Now I can follow basic knitting patterns and am working out how to knit a jumper (sweater). I also can use a sewing machine a little and sew basic things. I learn most things the so many others do these days – other bloggers and youtube!

2) What vintage item are you currently on the lookout to buy?
A vintage skirt suit – something 40/50’s. Something very fitted and tailored.

3) What item of clothing do you wear that modern people might consider weird? Like a girdle, a corset, a bonnet? I don’t know. Why am I trying to answer your question for you?
I have started wearing a girdle and I absolutely love it. My Nana thinks I am crazy (she was the first in her family to throw hers off during the 60’s) but I really, really love it. I wear the Rago 1359. I had 4 kids (in 4 years including twins) and no matter what I do in the gym my tummy is always going to be weirdly stretched but the girdle holds me in and gives me a nearly flat stomach. I was told not to expect any waist size reduction but I get about 2in (I think this is because my tummy is extra smooshy) reduction on my waist. It’s also great for holding up stockings. I also just purchased my first corset and I find it incredibly comfortable….like someone is hugging me.

4) How do you most often style your hair?
I usually do a pin curl set twice a week on my hair. The first day I usually wear my hair down, the second day I will pull it away from the face with slide combs and the third day I will put it up usually with a backroll (using a hair rat).

5) How do your family and friends feel about you dressing vintage? Do they ever tease you?
We have tried hard to eliminate all the negative people in our lives, including family. In our family we are both the black sheep and raising our daughters made it glaringly obvious that a lot of people in our lives were toxic and we didn’t want that for our girls. So short answer – no and even if they did I would continue anyway…I need to be a role model for my daughters and be who I truly am.

6) Let’s say you could live in the past for one year. Which year would it be?
I was hoping I would get a version of this question just so I could say I wouldn’t. I often find myself romanticising about times in the past but apart from perceived chivalry (which on the flip side allowed you to beat your wife as long as it wasn’t “too rough”) and the fabulous clothes the past as a place to live doesn’t hold much appeal to me. I am a thoroughly modern girl, and a feminist to boot. It was hard enough being a feminist teenager in a small town in rural NSW in the 90’s. While I know we have a lot more work to do towards equality, I am perfectly happy living in the present. Plus I have no idea how I would cope without my iPhone.

7) Do you have a favourite makeup technique? What is it?
The cat eyeliner would have to be my favourite technique. Just one problem…I can’t do it. I am nearly blind in one eye without my glasses and thanks to an awesome medication (sarcasm) I get really bad hand tremors  Both of these things mean I can’t put on eyeliner. It makes me cry.

8) What type of vintage store/item/event do you wish you had in your city?
A place to purchase retro inspired lingerie. I hate buying lingerie online, especially bras. I would love to find a place that had them and actually stocked the full range of sizes. We have a few places that stock a handful of items from What Katie Did & Kiss Me Deadly…but as a size 16 who wears a G cup bra the stores that do have a few things never have anything in my size.

9) Do you wear vintage or modern shoes? Where do you get them?
Modern. Not because I wouldn’t wear vintage shoes, just because I don’t like to buy shoes online either. I also only wear flats as I just can’t handle heels. I do have two pairs of cute vintage inspired heels but they have not come out of the box. I buy most of my ballet flats at Wittner – an Australian shoe company. They are always coming out with cute flats. These Kilton flats I got for Christmas last year are my favourites!

Kilton Flats Wittner Shoes

10) What modern fashion trend do you especially dislike?
Tights as Pants!!!!!!!!!!!! I could rant about this top for ages. I absolutely hate the look, even on a stick figure. My eldest daughter (who is a ballet dancer and stick figure) tried to leave the house wearing just tights and a t-shirt and you would have thought she had just tried to get away with doing drugs. You can see outlines of every “bit” of you. If I can tell whether you are, um… shaved or more natural, then they aren’t pants.

11) Are there any fashion trends from your favourite era that you don’t like?
The Poodle skirt. I love circle skirts…just not ones with poodles on them. They make me cringe for some reason.


After way too much internet browsing I finally found some bloggers who appear (at least in my searching) to have not been given this award yet. I tried really hard to find newer bloggers as well. I have absolutely no idea how to tell if they have less than 200 followers…so here we go.

Hat’s That – A blog about vintage millinery – my favourite type of vintage. It wasn’t until I stumbled across Jess’ blog that I realised how badly I wanted to learn how to make hats. Now I am enrolled to learn millinery!

The Talking Woman – A blog about getting into burlesque, adjusting to living in France and vintage which just so happen to be three of my favourite things in the world (I am a HUGE burlesque fan and do occasionally dream of performing myself).

Jennifer Lauren Vintage – A blog about sewing and vintage and gluten free living. I have to admit I have only just stumbled across her blog but am loving it!

Vintage Frills – A blog filled with lots of books about vintage (fiction). I am loving it and am going to join her in “The Vintage Book Group“. Another one that is new to me.

Veganopoulous – A blog all about Vegan food….the blogger and I are friends in real life and share a love of vintage so I am including her in here because, well, I love her – so there!

And the questions for my nominees…

  1. What was your best vintage find?
  2. Where do you prefer to shop for your vintage?
  3. Do you prefer to wear “authentic” vintage or modern reproduction?
  4. What would you NEVER buy vintage/second hand?
  5. What is your favourite vintage (prior to the 60’s) movie?
  6. Do you have a favourite period tv show/drama?
  7. What do you feel is the best thing about dressing in vintage?
  8. What are your favourite vintage accessory pieces (bonus points for hats – and pictures of said hats!)?
  9. Do you have a favourite red lipstick? If so what brand/colour?
  10. What (if any) vintage “lifestyle” activities do you participate in? (swing dancing, re-enactments ect)
  11. What makes you most glad that you live in modern times?

Please go visit my nominees – they all have wonderful blogs.

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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6 Responses to A Very Belated Liebster Blog Award

  1. Teresa says:

    Great interview answers! I particularly love your answer to living in the past. I don’t think I could cope without my iPhone either! 😉

    • Thank you. I think it’s all to easy for us to romanticise the past, especially die hard vintage lifestylers…but that just isn’t me. It is hard enough being a woman today, I certainly wouldn’t want to head back in time.

  2. So glad to have you back on the internet! Great answers, and I think you did a wonderful job of nominating new bloggers. I don’t read any of their blogs yet but I’m going to go check them out now!

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