While I Was Away…

As I am catching up on blogs and the internet in general, I am finding some amazing gems and have decided to share some links with you while I get myself together for some “proper” posts from some of the wonderful “new” vintage beauty & charm books I have picked up. I have also included some old favourites.

Rookie Mag – Might Like A Girl

I highly recommend this post to everyone. Most of the examples in this article are the reasons I haven’t had girl friends until recently.

Melissah Scrapbook – Sensuous Style

The only sort of “fashion tips” I follow.

Bobby Pin Blog – New Years Beauty Resolutions

I am not a big fan of resolutions – but these are ones I definitely want to get on top of this year.

Elle by E. Jean – 25 Things Every Woman should know

A Mix of very tongue-in-cheek and pretty solid advice. You choose which is which 😉

Quite Continental Charm School – Charm School Archives

One of the inspirations for this very blog.

Princess Pincurls – How To Find the Best Op Shops

I love this as most posts on these are very Americanised. Op shopping does appear to be a little different here and these are great suggestions.

Princess Pincurls  (again) – Mad Men Lingerie Special

 fantastic run down of the undergarments of  Mad Men along with current etsy listings.

Vintage Frills – The Vintage Bookclub

Reading books with a vintage flair (or set in vintage times) – not necessarily classics. Count me in!

Vintage Starlet – Never Give Up

I love this blog post. If you want to learn pin curls, you really do just have to keep trying.

Quite Continental – Charm School Archives

One of the inspirations for this blog. I love all these posts!

Vintage Vixen – Styling Curly/Coarse Hair with Ruby Amoire

A wonderful guest post by Ruby Amoire on styling very curly and coarse hair. This girl has amazing style and great advice.

British Pathe – Make & Mend Hats

This video shows how to cut and restyle a mans trilby hat. I have a feeling this is how they made the hat Ruth got for Christmas in “Wartime Farm”.

Atomic Redhead – Maintaining Your Vintage Wardrobe

Great advice on how to look after your vintage clothes.

Evie’s Tea Room – How I Set My Hair

An adorable foam roller set.

Circa Vintage – Vintage 101

The amazingly knowledgeable Nicole of Circa Vintage Melbourne shares some of her experiences and advice.

Casey’s Elegant Musings – Faux Bang & Ponytail Tutorial

I wear this look all the time. A great (and relatively easy) everyday casual look.

The Lindy Charm School For Girls – The Art of Seduction Series

A blog series on (obviously) the art of seduction.

New Vintage – How to Shop for Vintage Shoes

Great tips on buying vintage shoes from op shops (thrift shops).

Bess Georgette – Vintage Paper Dolls

These are just adorable and my eldest daughter loves them!

Chronically Vintage – Vintage Clothing Sizes 101

An excellent post on vintage clothing sizes!

XOJANE – Dita Von Teese’s Advice Column

That’s right – Miss Teese now has an advice column!

Super Kawaii Mama – Four New Ways to Tie a Headscaf

Another pretty self explanatory title. I love scarves and am always looking for new ways to wear them.

The Visible – Tips For Wearing Vintage

Fantastic tips on building a vintage wardrobe of your own.

Wishing Will Make it So – The Beginners Guide to Buying Vintage

Tips on buying vintage.

Tuppence Ha’penny – 1949 Capsule Wardrobe

An old post – but I am using this as my vintage shopping list at the moment.

Sylvie’s Fashion Secrets – How to Buy Vintage Accessories

A few tips on buying vintage accessories.

Please feel free to comment and link to other great posts I may have missed during my internet blackout.

Miss Fairchild

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12 Responses to While I Was Away…

  1. Teresa says:

    Great list of links and thanks so much for including my vintage paper dolls. So glad you and your daughters love them. xo

  2. Thanks so much for this great listing of articles arouind the traps…there are a few I am going to check out right now…and thanks for the links to mine. xxx Shauna

    • I am just happy to share! Of course the second I posted this I found a million more things, but I imagine that will happen everyday. Was very happy to include your fantastic links. Enjoy!

  3. Abby says:

    This list is awesome! thank you so much for doing this….. i am off to check some of them out 🙂

  4. What a thoroughly wonderful array of links and diversity of topics covered in the posts you highlighted. I’m super touched that you included my post about vintage clothes sizing here, thank you very much, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Rosina Lee says:

    Thank you soo much for popping into ” A New Vintage” and including it in your linky list. Love the variety and I’m sure I will work my way through them as I feed the little man.

    • Your more than welcome! That’s how I used to spend those early feeding days too…what did women do before the internet? Congrats on the new baby – he is just divine!

  6. Janey says:

    Thanks for sharing!!


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