Sydney Trip & Being Inspired….

Just after I caught up with others blogs and posted on here I flew down to Sydney for a mini break as I had a ticket to see the Paris Opera Ballet perform “Giselle” at the Capitol Theatre…it was my birthday present. On the trip I discovered who was really important in my life and I also got some of my creative mojo back….

Miss Fairchild - Sydney Day 1


Pin Curls – Tuesday


I pin curled my hair on the Monday night before I left knowing I get days out of my curls. I did a wet set and brushed it out Tuesday morning before flying out. The trip there went quite smoothly and before I knew it I was at the lovely Elise’s place in Woolloomooloo (check out her blog HERE). We caught up and then had dinner with a friend before coming home and watching “Teen Wolf” (it is terrible…but awesome. Plus there are lots of half naked young men in it….). The next day I had lunch with my family before heading back to Elise’s place to get ready for “Giselle”

Miss Fairchild - Sydney


Vintage Hat – Birthday present from Lilli (Frocks & Frou Frou Blog)

Vintage Cocktail Dress – VaVoom Vintage Etsy Store (altered to fit me like a glove by The Golden Age Vintage)

Stockings – Trasparenze Anthea

Shoes – Ferragamo’s in Patent Black Leather

Now this isn’t the greatest photo as I am terribly awkward in front of the camera (especially what the hell do I do with my arms?!??!) and I just wanted Elise to grab something before the cab got there. I thought I would get detail shots later but I forgot. Unfortunately this doesn’t capture how flattering the dress was on after it was altered by Karlee at Golden Age but it is all I have. I also forgot to put on my beautiful vintage fur stole on for the photo – such a shame. I really did feel fabulous.

Giselle - Paris Opera Ballet Sydney

Giselle Promotional Photo

I had forgotten how truly fabulous the Capitol Theatre is (I saw lots of shows there growing up) and also totally forgot I had a front row seat until I was there! Unfortunately it was too dark inside for any photos, but it really is stunning. The ceiling is lit up like stars and it is just so incredibly pretty. I was less impressed with how some people dressed. Now not everyone has fancy dresses like the one I wore, but I could tell those who were in their “best” and those who might as well have been going to a movie. That disappointed me. I don’t really believe the theatre should have dress codes (as I think it should be as accessible as possible) but I just found it sad. On the other hand seeing little girls in their best dresses with their hair curled made me smile. I spent a lot of time at the theatre as a girl. My gran would almost always buy me a new dress and then put my hair in hot rollers. The theatre was an event and for me it still is.

Giselle Paris Opera Ballet Sydney 2

Giselle Promotional Photo

The first act was beautiful and the dancer who played “Giselle” moved me to tears in the final scene where she goes insane and dies, but NOTHING prepared me for how visually stunning the second act would be. The scenery was incredible. The trees looked as if they were real, the lighting was eerie and beautiful and the fog…it was all just incredible. Then the “Wilis” came on stage in flowing white romantic tutus and veils. It was like a beautiful photograph with motion blur…except live in front of me. I was gasping it was so beautiful. Then came the “Wilis Queen”. She toe walked across the very back of the stage and it looked like she was floating. You just caught glimpses of her between the trees. Then she toe walked across the middle of the stage and all the way to the front. It took minutes. I was absolutely mesmerised. I was just in total awe of the talent she had to make it look effortless. Then the rest of the “Wilis” came out in their veils and stopped before their veils were pulled off (obviously on cables or wires of some kind) and into the wings. It took everything in me not to get up and start cheering at that point. I have seen lots and lots of live theatre but nothing was as amazingly visually stunning to me as what I saw that night. Add in the amazingly talented dancers and the beautiful music and all in all it was the best performance of anything I have ever experienced.

Giselle Paris Opera Ballet Sydney 3


Giselle Promotional Photo


I felt quite emotional that night. It was a lot to take in. I wanted to sit in silence and at the same time I wanted to tell everyone about it in great detail. I wanted to watch it again, and yet I thought there was no way my brain would be able to cope with that much again. It was intense. The next day I attempted to head home before a minor disaster struck – I had booked my return flight home for a month later. I didn’t realise til I was at the airport and after a lot of stress I ended up back with Elise until we could sort out another flight home. After spending almost 24 hours alternating between hysterical and borderline catatonic (I have extreme anxiety issues – so I went a little insane) I decided to go for a walk to the NSW Art Gallery. While my Gran took me to the theatre lots as a little girl, my Nana took me to the Art Gallery. While other kids saw movies with their grandparents, I was exposed to beautiful art in every form. I needed to do something to relax and so off I went.

NSW Art Gallery 1

It wasn’t long before not only did I feel better, I felt inspired. Most of you don’t know that a few years ago I was a professional photographer. I worked myself near to death and had a total physical and mental breakdown. I have yet to recover or pick up a “proper” camera since. I was also a people photographer and I lost the nerve to photograph people, my anxiety was just too high and it was too scary to take out my phone and try to take a photo. I will snap photos of my kids and life – but I didn’t “try” because there was just too much “stuff” going on in my head. Which is why I wasn’t expecting what happened next. With my headphones on listening to great music and filling myself up to the brim with beautiful art, I started to notice other people. Other people moved by art. Then before I had even though about it I had my phone in my hand and I took this photo…

NSW Art Gallery 2

I must have been watching him for at least five minutes. He kept readjusting himself, but never took his eyes off the painting. Then it just kept happening. Photo after photo of people and art. I also looked at art and was moved, but I was more moved by the other people. I loved seeing what made them stop them in their tracks. I loved seeing them not being able to look away as they moved all around it, never taking their eyes off the piece that stopped them.

I was reminded of something in the book “The Artists Way” (an art recovery program for blocked artists) where she mentions that in order to create you need to constantly fill your “well” with beautiful things. If you don’t, you will run dry. That’s how I felt standing there. Like I was finally being filled up with all the things I have craved, but haven’t made time for.

NSW Art Gallery 3


Eventually the gallery closed and I had to be ushered out by security. I walked slowly back to the house feeling so “full” and I made the decision to make it a regular thing when I got home.

So lovelies I want to challenge you again. This time to make time to do the things that fill up your “well”.

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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6 Responses to Sydney Trip & Being Inspired….

  1. You look fab 🙂 The photos you took at the gallery have me blubbering here a bit because I’m so happy for you! I think all the photos of yours I’ve ever seen have all been fantastic and moving. Yes indeed go fill the well!!!

  2. Teresa says:

    Your weekend away sounds wonderful. Even with the plane ticket mishap! Because well… if you didn’t end up staying a little longer then you wouldn’t have gone to the gallery and had such a wonderfully inspiring time. xo

  3. I went to NSW Art Gallery for dinner on Monday night…it truly is an inspiring place, it feels so cultured and European. I’m glad you re-found your inner shutter-bug. xx Shauna

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