Reviews – Golden Age Vintage & Miss Fox

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Before I left for Sydney I had two very important things to do. First get my beautiful vintage cocktail dress altered for the ballet. After doing some poking around on the internet I decided to contact Karlee from “Golden Age Vintage“. I sent photos and measurements of the dress, my measurements and as many details as I could about the dress as well as my very limited time frame. She got back to me promptly with a very rough quote (so I could budget) and I was able to make a time to meet her at her studio in Collins Street to have the dress fitted.

Green Vintage Dress

Unfortunately during the chaos of preparing for my trip I forgot to take a before photo. Above is the photo from the VaVoom Vintage Etsy listing. The dresses bust fit perfectly but it had a 42in waist (mine is 36in) so it looked incredibly shapeless and unflattering. The dress itself was in immaculate condition (it’s handmade and at least 50 years old) and incredibly beautiful…but it definitely needed to be fitted. Seeing as how it was my birthday present and it was for a special occasion, I decided it was worth the money.

When I arrived at Karlee’s studio she was helpful and friendly. We inspected the dress and she pointed out things that indicated how old it was as well as the things that indicated it was handmade. It was then that I knew I could trust her. She pinned it to me and then I sat down to make sure it wasn’t too tight (after all I would be sitting at the ballet and the dress has no stretch to it). She asked how I wanted the inside seams finished and then she said she would call me when it was done. Due to my time frame she did it same day for me.

I was blown away when just two hours later she let me know it was done and I raced to her studio to put it on. Honestly I couldn’t stop staring at myself. I felt so pretty. I have never had anything fitted to me before and it was a delight. Once it was on she noticed the side buckle detail wasn’t sitting right so she hand sewed it while I wore it. While she couldn’t make any promises before the dress was altered she managed to keep all the fabric in the seams for me so it can always be let out if my shape changes or I pass it on to some other lucky lass. Now if all this wasn’t enough to trust the lovely Karlee,  I also ran into Kate from Bombshell Vintage (a Melbourne Plus Sized Vintage store) and discovered she trusts Karlee with all her vintage goodies.

Miss Fairchild - Sydney

Unfortunately this photo does not do the alterations justice. But it is a perfect fit and I feel amazing in it!!!

She also does made to measure vintage (as in vintage style/from vintage patterns) and I have decided the next thing I must have is a vintage suit. I have already started planning with Karlee for that one! If you are in Melbourne and require alterations on your vintage please don’t hesitate to contact the lovely Karlee.

Golden Age Vintage –

Karlee Slater 

Phone: 0401302550
Address: Suite 11, Ground floor, 12 Collins St Melbourne.

While in the city waiting for my dress to be done I needed to get my eyebrows waxed. I had heard lots of good things about “Miss Fox” and thought I would try for an appointment. I have to admit I was surprised they could fit me in on such short notice, but I think it was my lucky day!

I absolutely adore beautiful vintage arched eyebrows….but my eyebrows are really quite straight. Every brow artist I have seen has told me that I just can’t get an arch in my brow without looking weird. As I heard it a lot I believed them. Enter threading….

Miss Fairchild Eyebrows - before

BEFORE – Ok it looks kind of arched here – but that’s just me arching it with my face…I also look like a serial killer…such a weirdo

When I sat down with their threading artist I explained what I was hoping for (just in case all the others were wrong). She had a look and asked me more questions. She then went to work.

Now I have never ever plucked so much as a single eyebrow. Both my Gran and my mum are obsessive pluckers (it’s a nervous habit) so I avoided it entirely and have been waxing them since I was 16. While it has never been a pleasant experience, it was tolerable. So I wasn’t prepared for how painful I found threading. I also wasn’t prepared to have to “help”. I had to hold my skin taught as she required both hands to thread. This didn’t bother me…but it was a hot day and I was all shiny. But once I got the hang of it, I just had to worry about the involuntary tears.

BUT I was blown away by how much of an arch I actually had when she was done. Not only that she suggested over time we can exaggerate it even more. While it was a little more than I was used to paying (it was $35AUD), return visits within 4 weeks are just $25. Not to mention your 5th visit is free (which in the end makes it on par or cheaper with the place I was going previously).

Missf Fairchild Eyebrows - after

After – next time I really need a tint…my eyebrows are so fair!

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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8 Responses to Reviews – Golden Age Vintage & Miss Fox

  1. Teresa says:

    You look fabulous Jess! Your dress is perfect on you and your eyebrows look great too.

  2. Definitely a difference in the brows, I can understand how chuffed you would have been to get that arch! That dress is beautiful beautiful beautiful, you know I have to touch it when I visit 😛

  3. Oh that dress is just delicious! I bet you do feel like a million in that! And congratulations on the eyebrows! …yeah…that is a sentence only women can really understand, isn’t it. Eyebrows can be the bane of our existence!

  4. What an informative post. It’s so nice to have local recommendations from happy customers. Your eyebrows look fabulous, I haven’t tried threading myself, this makes me wonder if I should give it a spin. xx Shauna
    P.S I love that green dress on you!

    • Local recommendations are the best. I am off to see Karlee again (from Golden Age) as I ended up tearing my dress. She is also going to be making me a vintage inspired suit in navy…can’t wait!!! Let me know if you end up trying threading. I am a convert and looking forward to my next appointment.

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