How I Wash My Stockings

As I get more “into” vintage, I find myself having to learn things that would have just been second nature to my nana. Handwashing is new to me. Previously my washing philosophy was “If it doesn’t survive the washer and dryer, it wasn’t meant to be”. Now in my defence I was a working mum to four and until I left home my mum did all the cleaning. She taught me to cook, but not to clean. Thankfully I have this amazing thing called “the internet”. After reading lots and lots I have found a method that works for me and seems to extend the life of my stockings and thought I would share it with you all.

*Please excuse the terrible photos…my bathroom doesn’t have windows*

Whenever possible wash them straight away.

1. Fill the sink with warm soapy water. I just use the same soap I use for my skin as it’s very, very mild.

2. Pop on some rubber gloves. Without a doubt this is the best advice I found. I have always got ragged nails and while I always put my stockings on with gloves, I wasn’t washing with them.

Washing Stockings 1


3. put your stockings in the water and swish around and then leave to soak for a few minutes. I tend to wash my blacks and nudes separately as well, but as they aren’t in there long it probably isn’t necessary.

Washing Stockings 2


4. Empty the sink and refill with clean water. Swish around, drain and repeat. On the third go I then let the stockings soak in the clean water to make sure all the soap is out. I also pick up the stockings before I pull the plug to make sure they don’t get caught on the drain.

5. Squeeze out each stocking GENTLY without stretching or pulling.

6. Put one stocking at a time in a towel and press with the towel to help get rid of some of the moisture.

Washing Stockings 3


7. Hang up to dry. I hand mine over the towel rack in my bathroom. They are usually bone dry in 30-60 minutes.

Washing Stockings 4

The last piece of advice I have received and swear by is to buy at least two pairs of matching stockings at once. Unlike pantyhose/tights if you get a run/hole in one stocking you can just toss it out and you have a matching one ready to go.

If anyone has any other tips on caring for stockings please put them in the comments!

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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4 Responses to How I Wash My Stockings

  1. Teresa says:

    Great tips! I’m a tights girl so while I hand wash all of my vintage my tights get thrown in a lingerie bag and into the wash with my other dailies.

    • I used to be a tights girl, but being much larger I could never get them to fit right. Stockings always seem fine – converted. It seems a lot of people use the lingerie bag and I might if a)stockings weren’t so pricey and b) we had a gentler washing machine. Our old behemoth is huge and vicious, but we need that in our house (just not so great for the vintage).

  2. I just put them in a lingerie bag and wash with my other delicates in Woolite. I hang the bag, still with the nylons inside, to air dry.

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