Vintage Tag…

After seeing THIS post on the Chronically Vintage Blog (by the absolutely divine Jessica) I decided to jump right in and do it too. I am also choosing not to tag any one and instead hope people tag themselves (feel free to link to your post in the comments!). Here we go!!!

1. Who Are Your Style Icons?

The two Hepburns – Audrey (fabulous and chic and feminine) and Katharine (fabulous and bold and masculine).

2. What is your favourite way to get inspired?

To look outside the area I want inspiration for. It sounds weird, but it works. Expanding my horizon, rather than narrowing my focus. 

3. What’s your most used hair tool?

Bobby pins. 

4. What’s your favourite hair tool?

My secret weapon – Wavcol Setting Lotion

5. Up-do, down or half-and-half?

Up. I can’t stand having hair in my face. While I absolutely love the look of waves, I need it out of my face most of the time or I go insane. Thankfully a quick back roll and a hat is super easy and I look like I put in more effort that I actually did! 

6. Is vintage something you do every day, on weekends, or for special occasions?

I would say “everyday” except I am not there yet in regards to my wardrobe. I would if I had lots of beautiful things, but I am still very early into my vintage clothing journey. I feel “right” when I wear vintage (or vintage inspired) and weird in modern clothes so I imagine very soon it will be “everyday”.

7. What’s your favourite blush and lipstick?

The blush I have worn every day for months is by Natio in “Peach Glow” and my favourite lipstick is Revlon’s “Fire & Ice”.  

8. Dress, skirt, or pants? Heels or flats?

Dresses and flats. I own two pairs of heels that I regularly have to dust and get spiders out of, but I have yet to wear them. I live in ballet flats and dresses just make life easier when it comes to choosing an outfit. 

9. Off-the-rack or homemade?

Home made…but not by me. I can’t sew well enough to make clothes yet and while I love some reproduction stores they often can’t cater to my…*ahem* more than ample bosom. More and more I am preferring custom hand made for me…just not by me. 

10. Do you swing dance?

No…but I would LOVE to learn. 

11. Extreme vintage or subtle touches?

Both are great. 

12. Favourite perfume?

Chanel – Gardenia

13. Favourite skincare product?

Cold Cream. Couldn’t live without it. 

14. What does your family think of your style?

My kids don’t know any different (though my eldest daughter is right into vintage) and my husband loves it…because he sees how happy I am wearing vintage and how much I have come out of my shell since wearing it. 

15. Favourite accessory?

Vintage Brooches – anything slightly quirky!

16. Do you find the vintage community welcoming or snobby?

While there is definitely snobbery out there, when I come across it I avoid it. Thankfully most of the vintage community are actually lovely and helpful. 

17. What drew you to vintage style?

I grew up watching old movies and always wanted to dress like that, but it wasn’t until a few years ago I realised I could dress like that. Sounds silly…but it just never occurred to me that I could dress like that until I stumbled across some vintage blogs. 

18. Favourite places to shop vintage?


19. What vintage eras are your favourite?

Forties and fifities. 

20. Most glamorous film stars?

They were all glamorous! 

21. Favourite vintage object that you own?

My green cocktail dress. It makes me feel like a million dollars!

Green Vintage Dress


Hopefully some wonderful readers will tag themselves. I can’t wait to hear more about you all!

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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2 Responses to Vintage Tag…

  1. Darling gal, I adore that you joined in on this rousing game of vintage tag as well. Thank you very much for mentioning my blog and I in your post. I had a thoroughly wonderful time reading your answers, learning more about you, and nodding at the numerous points we share in common (fave eras and a love of vintage brooches, for example).

    Have a gorgeous weekend, my dear!
    ♥ Jessica

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