My Top 10 Vintage (a wish list)

Some lovely ladies around the blog-sphere have been posting their top 10 vintage must haves as part of a competition (that has long since closed). I was so inspired, but as I am still very new  to vintage I didn’t feel I was able to post the ten things I think others should buy. At first I had this list of things I felt I “had” to have because that was on everyone elses list. But given that I am focusing on “being myself” on the blog this month I sat down and thought about what I actually wanted and what I would wear. I find it so easy to get bogged down in the “shoulds” that I totally forget about what I want.

So with that in mind, here are the ten things that are on my vintage (or vintage inspired) wishlist at the moment…

Vintage Princess Coat

1.Vintage Style Princess Coat in a Beautiful Colour

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a photo of a beautiful princess coat in a vibrant colour…and I wasn’t even looking for my size, but this is the style I want. I had pretty much come to the conclusion the only way to get this style of coat in my size (I have a 44in bust before clothes go on!) was to have it custom made and now I want it in a rich, vibrant colour I know it is going to have to be custom. I have found some beautifully coloured swing coats in my size BUT I hate swing coats on me. They make me look HUGE. I think it also has a lot to do with the fact that my gran was a big fan of the swing coat (heavily embellished) and while she was FABULOUS, I don’t particularly want to look like her. (if you love this coat you can snap it up HERE)

1950s Vintage Suit

2. Fitted 1950’s Skirt Suit

I doubt there are many vintage loving guys and gals out there that don’t covet a suit. Unfortunately once again finding something to fit me is almost impossible. Those that fit are quite matronly. After talking to the DIVINE Kaylee at Golden Age Vintage I have decided to have a suit custom made. I want something that shows off my wild curves and makes me feel powerful and yet feminine. It seemed like such a HUGE expense, but I know that cost per wear will work out quite small. I will wear this A LOT! I am thinking in a beautiful navy wool to go with my ever expanding collection of navy coloured hats. (if you want this beautiful Lilli Ann suit grab it  HERE)

Vintage Fur Muff

3. Fur Muff

A fur muff just screams old school glamour to me and I want one bad! It gets pretty darn cold here in winter and I know I would use this and feel amazing. I am just hoping to find one with a matching fur hat and if I am super lucky a detachable collar so I can add it to my coat. Asking too much? Probably…but a girl can dream! (if this one takes your fancy buy it HERE)

Vintage Cashmere Twin Set

4. Beautiful Cashmere Twin Set

Is there anything more 50s than a beautiful twin set? I am having no luck finding twin sets from the 50’s, but I have found plenty of patterns like this one HERE. I would love to be able to knit these up in a gorgeous soft cashmere wool in lots of colours…but it may take me a few dozen years given how slowly I knit.

Pink and White Oxford Spectator Shoes

5. Oxford Spectator Shoes

I love wearing beautiful Katharine Hepburn inspired wide leg pants and while I usually wear them with my beautiful tan Ferragamos, lately I have been hankering for a nice pair of oxford spectators (and I am desperate for some argyle socks and mens sock garters for underneath) and when I saw these in a beautiful blush pink and white I just died. Of course they were too small for me *sad face* but now I know what I want, I can keep looking. I love the masculine style with the feminine colouring – LOVE LOVE LOVE! (if you happen to be a size 7.5 and they take your fancy you can buy them HERE)

Red Repetto Cendrillon Ballet Flats

6. Repetto Ballet Flats in  Black, Brown, Red & Navy (and every other colour possible!)

I only wear flats, so I like to have a wide variety of colours. I have some super cute adorable ones from Wittner (an Australian brand) but I only have one “plain” pair and they get the most use. I have been coveting these beautiful “cendrillon” ballet flats from Repetto for ever. I want them all.

Pinupgirl Clothing Cigarette Pants

7. Black Cigarette Pants

I love cigarette pants. I am sure there are plenty of people who think girls my size shouldn’t wear them, but they can bite me. I love these ones from AND (so excited) they come in my size!!! With a cardigan or even just a nice t-shirt. I love them. MUST BUY!!!

Pinupgirl Pencil Skirt

8. Perfectly Fitting Black Pencil Skirt

I don’t think this one needs much explanation. I am particularly desperate for a beautiful black one to go with an amazing vintage black beaded cardigan I have – I feel like this would be an amazing “evening” combination. Not that I ever go out at night…(you can pick this one up at and they go up to a size 2X)

Elila Longline Bra

9. Longline Bra

My girdle is one of my all time favourite things. It makes me feel amazing and look so sleek. Unfortunately it doesn’t do much for my top half. Waiting at my local “old lady lingerie” store is one of these for me to try on. I can’t wait! (this is an Elila one and is available HERE)

Miss Fairchilds Cloche Hat Design

10. Cloche Style Hats in Beautiful Colours…like this one I designed!

My final drawing assignment was to design a felt hat. This what I designed. A really rich purple coloured felt, soft pleats in the side, a vintage art deco buckle and leather trim. How did I do? I can’t wait to make this and have a feeling I will make them in lots of colours if it works. (ps. I passed my drawing class!)

That’s my wishlist…what is on yours?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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4 Responses to My Top 10 Vintage (a wish list)

  1. Jennifer says:

    This post has made me want to go on an Etsy bender. So many beautiful things! I would love more vintage pieces but I have so much trouble finding things within my price range that I actually like and fit me.

    You’ve reminded me I need a new black pencil skirt, though. And I have been wanting cigarette pants for ages too, I will check out that pair xx

  2. What a terrifically lovely list! I adore that you decided to post your own top ten (I did mine back when said giveaway was underway) and that you marched to the beat of your own sartorial voice when doing so. This is a group of timelessly wonderful items that I think almost any of us would be ecstatic to wake up and find hanging in her closet. I really hope that all of these pieces (and more) come your way, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

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