A Quick Update

I won’t lie. These last few weeks/months have been tough. I am trying new treatments and making breakthroughs in therapy which is great…but usually, for me at least, it comes with the downside of me going through more intense periods of depression and anxiety. For awhile there I was so scared I was going to keep spiraling. The worry there is I have attempted suicide in the past. So it’s a very scary, very real fear that I might end up there again.

In the spirit of Coco Chanel and her wise words as seen HERE I am going to keep speaking about my passions. Vintage life style, my gorgeous and kitschy charm school books (which are piling up and more are on their way to me), being true to myself and also reminding people in a world of beautiful vintage bloggers with perfectly pincurled hair and immaculate lipstick and tiny waists and fabulous events there is me. Living a sort of vintage life, loving vintage clothes and trying to cope with living with a mental illness. In other words some days I look like this:

Miss Fairchild

But some most days I look like this

Miss Fairchild

As I am getting back into a more positive frame of mind I have started exercising again. I also think I have found next months theme Looking after yourself! From a health (and mental health) and fitness perspective.

Please note this blog is a diet free zone. While I will post plenty of vintage advice from my books I will not be posting any of the dieting advice. This blog is also a size positive part of the web. While I know none of my lovely readers would say nasty things about others and their weights, I am asking you to refrain from being negative about yourself as well. If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it. This includes yourself!

I am going to try to fit in a quick few posts on “Being Yourself” before the end of April (seriously, how the hell did it become April so fast?) before we jump headlong into May and looking after yourself.

Much love to you all…especially the lovely ladies of twitter who have been my cheersquad and support the last few weeks. You are all divine and I just adore you to bits!

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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12 Responses to A Quick Update

  1. So into this, I can’t wait to read more. Body positive vintage blog, sigh.

    Good luck ❤

  2. Lau says:

    Hello there, you are beautiful! (BTW, from a girl with hopeless straight hair, a tutorial to make your hair look that fabulous would be most appreciated!) I really love reading you and so much strenght and positivity always shines through your words! I hope knowing that you are so inspiring to others will help at least a bit when depression and anxiety strike. I know from personal experience that when ‘bad days’ arrive there is little one can do to overcome them, but you have touched so many people who do not know you and yet grew fond of you (I am one of them!) so I can only imagine the amount of love you have around you from those who do know you well! ❤ Hugs from this side of the pond and as always thank you for sharing your thoughts and advice! xx

    • Hi lovely lady, I will do a hair tutorial very soon just for you!

      Your comment has made me a little teary. You are so sweet and kind. Thanks for supporting me and my little blog ((((hugs)))

  3. Teresa says:

    You are fabulous, strong and always an inspiration. I’m really looking forward to your ‘being yourself’ posts. xo

  4. I’m sorry that you have been having such a tough time of late, and hope you have a better time of it. I think that all women need to feel good about themselves before they can feel good about (and cope with) their lives. I’m looking forward to your month’s theme. xx Shauna

  5. Jennifer says:

    YOU are divine! I love all the things in this post.

    I am so glad things are looking up for you, and can’t wait to hear what you say about health next month. I am needing to get back into exercise and looking after myself.

    Much love xx

  6. Kim Campbell says:

    I adore your hair. It’s like Rita Hayworth’s!

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