Working With What You Have

Personality Unlimited - Veronica Dengel
This last post for April will be a short one from me. Instead I will let the Delightful Miss Dengel speak….(the bolded parts are the ones that spoke to me the most!)

“The Men and Women who have made successes of their lives have not been content to sit back and take things as they come, to hide behind a screen of self consciousness. They have not humbly depreciated their possibilities and indulged in bitter thoughts about their lack of advantages. 

Such is not the case. Instead, they have taken stock of their abilities and shortcomings and have worked out means of benefiting by the former and overcoming the latter. They have decided never to worry about things that cannot be changed; but to work hard at developing their individual good points. They have looked into the future, created a mental picture of what they want to be, of how they want to look, and then weighed their possibilities of realizing their vision against their present circumstances. 

We are all entrusted with a mind and a body and a spirit. We are given an opportunity to use these priceless possessions , so as to bring happiness and pleasure to others and the satisfaction of personal achievement to ourselves. 

But what have YOU done with these gifts that were entrusted to you? You are under a moral obligation to make the most of your physical and mental possessions; you cannot be content to feel “inferior” or less capable than anyone you know. success does not come without effort. Everything must be worked for. Your abilities must be developed, your physical possibilities nurtured as a growing plant, and your charm cultivated so that your true loveliness blossoms forth to reveal the real You.”

– Personality Unlimited: The Beauty Blue Book by Veronica Dengel

I am dedicating this blog post to my beautiful friend Jessica (Chronically Vintage Blog). She doesn’t talk a lot about her illness. Instead she focuses on being a beautiful ray of sunshine in everyones day. I know we have all recieved a beautiful, thoughtful comment from her. She is doing what she can, to the best of her ability everyday. She inspires me to want to be a better person. She is out there living this advice. I need to do the same. I feel like I am hiding behind the fact that I am FISH and sitting around telling myself I can’t climb a tree, while forgetting I can still swim.

Much love to you all.

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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8 Responses to Working With What You Have

  1. This post is precisely what I needed to be reminded of as a rough, long, rocky April draws to a close. Beautiful sentiments and quotes, honey, each of which speaks for my own feelings on this subject to a tee as well. Thank you – really and truly – thank you for dedicating this post to me. I can’t begin to express how touched I am by that.

    So very much love right back at you!
    ♥ Jessica

    • You are more than welcome lovely lady. You constantly inspire me to be grateful for what I have. You really are an inspiration and all us vintage bloggers adore you. ((((hugs)))) hope your recovering well.

  2. Teresa says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this Jess. I think it’s always important to be reminded not worry about things that cannot be changed. Although… it can be hard at time!

  3. Shybiker says:

    We all love Jessica! How sweet of you to mention her.

  4. Hello 🙂 firstly, thank you for your lovely comments on my IAMblog posts – I really appreciate it 🙂
    I love this post. I love that you have written about not worry about the things that cannot be changed. I feel this way about my chronic illness. It is what it is. Beautiful words x
    Ps – would love lunch!

    • Hi Carly, thanks so much for visiting. I have been such a fan of your blog since meeting you. I try so hard to live this way, but I admit I still struggle and feel a desperate desire to be “normal” whatever that is. I am still a work in progress.

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