Vintage Inspired Movements

In the last post I talked about how I move my body and it is definitely on the more modern side of things. Today I am going to share a few vintage inspired movements and activities before my next post which will get to what you all really want to see – the way the vintage vixens used to exercise thanks to my vintage beauty and charm school books! (be prepared to laugh…or check out my instagram for a sneak peak of some of the funnier ones)


Vintage Pilates - The Handbook of Beauty

Exercises very similar to the Pilates Toe Tap & Roll-Over in The Handbook of Beauty by Constance Hart

It seems, after looking through my books, the most similar modern form of movement would be pilates. Quite a few of the individual exercises that are cropping up over and over again in different vintage beauty & charm books look quite similar to some basic pilates moves. There are loads of choices when it comes to pilates. Books, DVDs, Free youtube videos, mat classes and reformer classes.


Repco Traveller Bike

My baby – 66cm Repco Traveller (from Big W)

Before every family had two cars (well it seems that way) people had to find other means of getting around. As a car-less family, we love out bikes. There is nothing like a ride in the fresh air. It seems the “in” thing to do if you are a vintage blogger! Get one with a basket and you can even pop off to the library or markets on your ride. You don’t have to race. Have a leisurely ride, take time for you. If you really want to get into the vintage spirit try joining a “tweed run”. You get all dressed up in your vintage best with other vintage lasses and lads and ride around on adorable bikes. Now that is my sort of movement!

Synchronised Swimming 

Vintage Synchronised Swimming

You may be having a giggle right now, but I kid you not this is on my list of things to try. Especially as Melbourne has it’s very own fat synchronised swimming group called Aquaporko. They wear adorable Esther Williams flowered bathing caps and do awesome routines to modern songs. I really need to just do it – they all look like they are having so much fun. I am sure there are all sorts of groups for synchronised swimming all over the world.


Swing Dancing

I know in the Melbourne vintage community Swing Dancing is hugely popular. With classes running all over Melbourne almost every night of the week. It is something I would also love to do…but there are only so many hours in the day! If swing dancing isn’t your thing, why not try some ballroom dancing and bring out your inner Ginger Rogers? Or Tap dancing if you prefer Fred Astaire’s brilliant tap moves. There are plenty of adult tap (and ballet) classes out there. So grab your dancing shoes and hop to it!

Roller Skating

Vintage Roller Derby

Why not grab a pair of retro roller skates and get your skate on? Skate around your neighbourhood, hit the roller rink (there is one near me I am sure there must be others out there). Or if you want a bit more of a challenge why not try Roller Derby. It is definitely more on the … physical side of things. It is a bit rough. There is a league a few suburbs away from me that have beginners training (so you can go along and learn before getting into a team) but I keep chickening out as I get a bit too aggressive during aggressive sports!

Now for those who might want something a bit more “fancy” how about….


Dita Von Teese recently took up dressage and Betty Draper also took lessons (early on in Mad Men). This is something I would absolute do in a heart beat if I had the money. I rode a lot as a young girl – it was my escape. I got a very similar “rush” riding as I do running. You don’t have to learn dressage. You can just take up riding for fun, or take a few “regular” riding lessons. If any of you do take this up and go the whole hog and dress like Betty I want photos!

Betty Draper Horse Riding

Betty Draper looking fabulously attired for riding…did we ever see her actually on a horse? Or just looking equestrian?

Did I miss anything? Feel free to add your vintage movement ideas in the comments! Tell me what you love to do. What do you want to try?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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8 Responses to Vintage Inspired Movements

  1. Teresa says:

    Oooh! I’d love to participate in the Tweed Run!

    I adored roller skating when I was younger. My friend and I use to roll about the neighbourhood doing crazy speeds down streets but I’m way too much of a chicken (and I bruise waaaaay too easily) to play roller derby! 😉

    • Are you on Jacinta’s vintage club mailing list? I think her and Marianne are organising it for July. I would love to see you there. My concern with trying roller derby again is having my competitive/violent streak I had when I was playing soccer come back…though I have a feeling it might actually be appreciated in roller derby LOL>

  2. Jennifer says:

    I love this list! I didn’t know that synchronised swimming was actually a thing apart from in the Olympics. It sounds awesome though – I can’t wait to hear all about it when you do it!

    I’ve always wanted to do roller derby but those girls are FIERCE. It’s such a competitive sport to get into, as well, and after 7 years of playing netball when I was in school I don’t think I have it in me to re-enter the world of sport politics.

    • I know – me neither! I love the Aquaporkos and I think I will definitely have to try it out when they start again after winter.

      You should see if there are beginners roller derby classes in your area. Near me they have beginners classes to teach you all the basics and practice the moves. You wouldn’t have to join a competition then. You could play more for fun and just not apply for a team?

  3. Lau says:

    I am not too sure about dressage (horses scare the heck out of me) but everything else sounds wonderful! Especially the syncronised swimming!! I also love ice skating as an alternative to roller skating!!

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