Ebay Sale – Buy My Stuff….Please!

Yes folks, I am hawking my used wears. So go buy my stuff and then I can buy new stuff…ok?

Basically I now have too much stuff, stuff in sizes I no longer am and stuff that I never wear because I have more cute stuff. I have some vintage styled dresses, but everything is modern. I also have two pairs of shoes and some Leona Edmiston tights/pantyhose (never worn because….ewww) on there as well. Everything is clean…but most of it needs an iron (I could do it for you if you would like some iron sized holes in your clothes…no extra charge, just let me know on check out). It is only listed as Australian shipping but if you really desperately want something send internationally I will, it will just cost a bit extra (actually probably a lot extra).

Miss Fairchild - Polkadot Dress


You could buy this adorable Polka Dot Dress HERE

Miss Fairchild - Perfume Print Dress


Or this adorable Dorothy Perkins perfume print dress with ridiculously cute collar HERE

Leona Edmiston - Bria Bow Peep Dress


Or my favourite Leona Edmiston Dress (I wore this the night I met veganopoulous in) HERE

So off you run…go buy some stuff from me. Link is HERE (sorry this theme is really bad at showing links…new blog design coming soon)

Ok I will stop hawking my stuff now. Back to our scheduled programming…

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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6 Responses to Ebay Sale – Buy My Stuff….Please!

  1. Mary says:

    that polka dot dress is GORGEOUS! Good luck selling everything, I can’t wait to see what you buy 🙂

  2. A wardrobe cleaning out every now and then in an absolute must in my books, too. I’ve grown wildly ruthless about what I’ll keep (or part with) over the years, and rarely have any trouble waving buh-bye to pieces that just aren’t getting as much love as they once did or which don’t fit right these days (it was harder for me when I was younger, because I never had much clothing as a child, but I’m the polar opposite of a hoarder on all fronts, so after a while of buying my own clothes as a teen and adult, I got much better at letting things go – I’d much rather see them living in the closet of someone who will give them the love they deserve).

    Best of luck with your sales!
    ♥ Jessica

    • I have gotten really ruthless lately. For starters I rarely leave the house…so I really don’t need 50 outfits. My last ebay sale I got rid of about 12 pairs of jeans…which is just ridiculous for someone who hasn’t worn jeans in three years! It also really helped me to see what I actually need and what I don’t. I realised while I have lots of beautiful skirts, the reason I never wear them is because I have no shirts to go with them. So now instead of buying more pretty skirts I can actually buy something to wear them with.

      I was a hoarder for a long time as we moved a lot as a kid and my mum had a tendency to throw out all my stuff while I was away because she decided on yet another whim to move. For a long time I was teased by my family for carrying a giant white suitcase every time I went away for a night or two as I just felt more comfortable carrying all my stuff with me. Then about 8 years ago I realised we just had way too much stuff and I cleaned out everything. I felt so much lighter.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Oh gosh that first dress – if it were a size or two smaller I would buy it right now, with hell to my new-found wardrobe minimalism! But I can’t quite justify the cost of getting it taken in as well, plus I already have three polka dot dresses. So probably enough!

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