Art Therapy – Looking After Yourself

While it isn’t particularly “vintage” (though all those 1700/1800 period dramas the women all seem to be able to paint and draw) I wanted to pop this in here. I have gotten a lot of joy (and emotional healing) from art over the last six months. As I have mentioned before, I am from a very artistic family. I felt like the black sheep and stopped creating because I couldn’t live up to my idea of what “art” should be. Then I came across the Art, Heart & Healing Course online HERE. It is totally free and available whenever you want + Tam (who runs it) is an awesome lady, and a wonderful teacher.

Tam - Art, Heart & HealingTam – Art, Heart & Healing (can’t you just tell she is a beautiful soul? As well as being stunning of course!)

We actually did the first video lesson as a family. The girls focused less on the therapy part and more on following the instructions, but I went all in. I loved learning how to layer and make a multimedia project from scratch. I also learnt to draw faces from her and I now draw them all the time in this style. For awhile I was stuck. I had done the face and part of the background, but I couldn’t find the right phrase to finish on it…then I found the fish quote from Einstein (read all about my revelation about being a fish HERE) and I knew I had the right thing to write.

Art, Heart and Healing - Self Portrait


Mixed Media (doesn’t that sound fancy?) Pencils, Water colour paints , Acrylic Paints, Metallic Paint, fine liners, stamps, Gesso and paper doilies

After I had decided what I wanted to write “I am a fish”, I decided I wanted to add the tree, bird & fish. The tree was easy, but I wasn’t sure how to draw a bird or a fish…youtube to the rescue! It felt so good to finish it, and instead of my usual self loathing about my “art” I was so proud of it. I just love it so much. Especially the bits of gold metalic running through my hair and the tail of the fish. Go ME!

In this I re-discovered my love of drawing. This is the first page in my art journal. This is my personal art journal. The girls and hubby know that it is private and not to be touched unless they ask or I offer. This is the only way I can feel “safe” to create. When I am really proud I will show it off to the girls (who are all excellent artists in their own rights) or instagram. While I now draw quite a bit, this was so therapeutic that I really want to do the other three lessons. Next up is an empathy monster.

This class gave allowed me to have a bit less anxiety when I started TAFE this year and our first unit was drawing. I also had the added stress of hand tremors…Thankfully it was extremely basic/beginners level and my hands were mostly well behaved. With TAFE I became even more confident in drawing…

TAFE Assessment - hat drawing


My very first hat drawing at TAFE – I was so pleased with it!

I am much happier doing stylised faces I discovered. When I had to draw a lovely lady in a hat from a photo I realised it wasn’t something I enjoyed at all as it came back to trying to be “perfect” and I was flooded with feelings of inadequacy.

TAFE Assessment - Portrait of Ida Van Munster

Portrait of the divinely gorgeous Idda Van Munster (sorry Idda) from THIS PHOTO

My last TAFE project was to design a hat. Anxiety took over. Could I actually CREATE something? Could I then draw it? It seemed so terrifying at first. So I started doodling ideas in my notebook. It ended up evolving over a few weeks from this

TAFE Final Drawing Assessment 2

The first sketch…which was followed by about twenty before I got to the final design

to this hat (my final TAFE drawing assessment)…

TAFE Final Drawing Assessment

First of Miss Fairchild’s Hat Designs…line up, line up…don’t push people…I haven’t yet learn how to sew it!

I have found it really therapeutic and fun to draw little pictures to go along with phrases or quotes that mean something to me. I started off with Einstien’s fish quote.

Miss Fairchil Drawing 3

Yup there is my bird and fish again…aren’t they adorable? 

Then my friend told me this awesome story that put all of her ideas of failure into perspective. I don’t feel like I should share the story as the people involved might not like it…but this was the drawing I did that day…

Miss Fairchild Drawing 1

Long story…but look! Shamrock and pretty orange haired lady!

and on a really, really tough day I made this. For anyone unfamiliar with the “Spoon Theory” please read HERE. It gives you a good idea of what it is like to live life with a chronic or mental illness. This actually felt really, really therapeutic that day.

Miss Fairchild Drawing 2

Sorry folks, no spoons today. You will need to figure out how to eat your soup with a knife and fork!

Now I find myself drawing all the time. Especially hat designs. Now I realised that I can do it…and it is ok for it to evolve from a basic idea/sketch. As soon as I have learnt how to make hats I will be making myself a turban…in a nice silk tafetta…just to wear around the house…for no other reason than I can and I know it will make me feel FABULOUS!

Miss Fairchild Drawing 4

I wonder if I can draw these lips on myself? Probably not…I never was able to photoshop the real me…

The main reason I shared all these drawings of mine, is not because I think I am the most awesome drawer in the world (I don’t) but to share so others don’t feel like you have to be Picasso. You can draw for fun (and therapy…ever just drawn angry hard scribbles? It is very therapeutic) and you don’t have to be able to draw any better than you draw. Have fun!

Do any of you lovely ladies draw? Or do any arts for fun or therapy? If you do please, please share links to your work in the comments.

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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