A Lady Takes Time Out for Herself

The Art and Power of Being a Lady

“A lady’s definition of health goes beyond the physical. It’s also emotional and spiritual. Even when she’s balancing multiple roles, a lady’s secret to maintaining her equilibrium is to take time for herself. For any one of us leading busy lives, this seems easier said than done. But whether it’s getting a manicure or a massage, going for a walk solo, taking a trip to a museum, or renting a movie and watching it uninterrupted  a lady knows a little break is essential to recharge her batteries. Taking time out for herself benefits her and everyone around her.” 

– The Art and Power of Being a Lady by Noelle Cleary and Dini Von Mueffling

Oh how I wish I realised how important this was earlier on. I might not have gone completely off the deep end and spent the last three years recovering! Oh well, you live and learn…

I really do think this is so important for EVERYONE to do, but I do think it is one thing where in our society males tend to have a much easier time doing something they want to do for them, than women do. Of course that’s just my opinion. But so many mums I know are struggling, with no break, no time to themselves and wondering why they are just feeling like crap. Ladies – you need 5 minutes to yourself!

Myth: You become a mother and all of a sudden you have endless amounts of energy and patience to devote to everyone else and never need a minute to yourself. 

You are still a person. If you haven’t tried it out you will have to trust me when I say that this will make you a better parent/partner/employee. I really recommend doing at least one thing occasionally by yourself. Not with a friend, not your partner, not your mum…just you. It changes things. You get to pick where you eat – without worrying what the other person wants. You get to pick the movie. You get to decide what art you look at and what you skip. Sometimes it should be all about YOU. Sometimes you need to TREAT YO SELF!

Treat Yo Self! From Parks & Recreations! Who in Melbourne wants to do a Treat Yo Self day? Come on…it would be so much fun. It would be even more fun if you treated me….

Some things that I do are:

  • Exercise. I prefer running and I do it alone. My phone is switched to “do not disturb”, I don’t exercise with someone else and I will not stop to chat with you. This is my 45 minutes totally alone. This is my therapy and anger management. I will never get a treadmill and run at home, home is the place my kids have almost unlimited access to me…ALMOST

Miss Fairchild's Post Run Face

Post run sweat & red face GLOW

  • Every now and then when everyone seems cranky or we (the adults) really just need a few minutes to sit in silence and remember we are people, not just parents, we implement “siesta”. Our girls are long past naps, but they will happily go off to siesta. They are allowed to read or draw or play lego but it has to be quiet and it also has to be solo. No playing together. Sounds harsh – but we homeschool and neither parent works outside of the house. We are all together 24/7…even the girls need quiet solo time. Afterwards EVERYONE feels much, much better.
  • Going to the Art Gallery. Same rules apply here as running. I am there for me. I love having my ipod blaring while wandering through. I really love being able to wander at my own pace and stop when something grabs me. I also love how art that grabs me almost always seem to relate to whatever song is playing on my ipod. I am either really good at associating things (or really bad – take your pick) or my ipod is possessed. Either way, I like it!
  • Eating out by myself. Now this one is probably not recommended for the beginner….especially if you are a bit anxious. I personally love it, but I am always pretty happy with my own company. I take a book, I order whatever I feel like, I eat it however I like, I proceed to spill it all down my front, take my time to finish and leave whenever I feel like it. No splitting cheques, no going to breakfast earlier/later than I feel like. It’s awesome.
  • A night away. Last year hubby surprised me with a night away at the “Hotel Windsor” and a massage at a spa near by. The place was STUNNING. I took a book and a candle and after my massage I ordered room service – which was delivered to me by a smartly dressed butler with a beautiful tray, had a bath and the best part about my stay was being able to read an entire book from start to finish with the only interruption being a butler bringing me dinner (and then strawberries and cream for desert and hour later). In the end it didn’t cost much more than a vintage dress or two, but it revived me. It left me relaxed and mellow. It was the best thing I ever did for me and I am hoping one day soon I can afford it again. But it doesn’t have to be a fancy hotel (though a marble, a butler & fluffy robes totally make it LUSH), go to forumla one, a bed and breakfast, a cabin in the woods or even a friends place when they are heading out of town. Have a full 24 hours completely to yourself. You will feel fabulous for it.

Miss Fairchild- Fluffy Robe

Me so excited when I found a fluffy robe in my hotel room…two seconds later & we have a mirror selfie!

Tell me ladies – what do you do to take time out for yourself?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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6 Responses to A Lady Takes Time Out for Herself

  1. nessbow says:

    A few months ago, I decided that I needed at least one day a week to just rest and relax. So in our house, Sunday is rest day. I don’t do any blog work, I don’t answer emails and I don’t do any housework. Occasionally I might do a bit of baking or ironing but only if I feel like it. I usually spend the day reading, watching films and crafting. I really do think it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

    When I lived in Melbourne, one thing I used to do every now and then was just ride the trams for a while. I’d grab my ipod and jump on a tram (but not at peak hour) and just ride while staring out the window. I just found it calming to feel the rocking of the carriage and the slow passing of the scenery.

    • Such a good idea. I used to take Sundays off when I was a work-a-holic (I wasn’t very good at taking time off) as my family demanded it. It was quite nice to have one day where I didn’t turn on the work computer (even if I did sneakily check work emails on my iphone LOL).

      I love riding the city circle tram when it isn’t busy. I just go round and round.

  2. going to the gym was my ‘me time’ but the gym involves hard work and socialising so it’s not a “just me” thing.

    Lately I’ve enjoyed walking through Melbourne on my own taking photos and finding places to eat (and blog about). I want to start hitting the galleries too, I always say I’ll go when I learn of a new exhibition but always forget. Oh and the other day I actually went to the movies on my own which was bliss!

    Siesta is a fantastic idea and I’m going to implement that. Once I get the house tidied up to the point where the kids have somewhere quiet and uncluttered where they can have their siesta…!

    • Movies on your own is the best! You get to pick the movie. No one talks to you. And you can stuff your face with all the popcorn you want with no sharing!

      For siestas we just send the girls to their rooms. So good.

  3. I don’t have any wee ones scampering around my feet yet, but I totally agree that everyone needs time out. Your night at the hotel sounds just wonderful and the perfect antidote.

    My time out is spent mostly sewing. I can’t focus on anything when I’m in the zone and when I’m done I feel like I’ve accomplished something and had some me time.

    I also love going to the movies by myself (but haven’t been to one in ages!!).

    • I think it’s great for time out…but a person like me, time out needs to be “doing something” otherwise I go crazy. Sewing sounds like awesome me time and you always end up with beautiful things to wear on your blog!

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