Hair Part 2….The Dita Von Teese Set

The other day I decided to rewatch a video Dita Von Teese made on her ipad (and made available to members of her website). It shows how she does her hair with hot rollers and how she does her brush out. Now I love hot rollers for emergency sets, they don’t last as long as pin curls do (on me anyway) so I wanted to try to see if I could modify her hot roller set into a pin curl set.

Turns out it can be done and I was so excited I wanted to share with you guys…especially as it is almost identical to the set I usually use that was posted the other day HERE. All you need to do is change the standing pin curls on the bag section from rolling back, to rolling to the side away from your part. That’s it. The rest is the same as the other instructions.

Miss Fairchild Pinculs

a very old photo (from my first sucessful pin curl set) as you can see instead of rolling back, they are rolled sideways

Then follow the same brush out instructions. After giving it a thorough brush you can start shaping it. I brush the hair around the back under as much as possible. On my small part side I also roll under and tuck behind my ear (I usually bobby pin it there too. When brushing out the larger side it will be a mess and first, but the more you brush, the more it will shape to the wave. If you are having trouble you can brush the first part of the wave then use so clips to hold it in place before forming the next wave. Repeat until done and then hairspray the heck out of it and leave it til you are ready to go.

Of course I forgot to take photos of my set so I am digging up old photos for you to get the idea….

Miss Fairchild Pincurls 2

The end result will hopefully look something like this….

Miss Fairchild Set 2

and this….

Miss Fairchild Set 3


Miss Fairchild Set 1

and hopefully something like this….

Dita Von Teese

What do you think…did I come close?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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19 Responses to Hair Part 2….The Dita Von Teese Set

  1. Teresa says:


  2. Girl, this is absolute perfection! When I grow my hair out, I will have to try this set!! You did a gorgeous job, spot on!

  3. CUTE!!! How do you become a member of her website? Also, a question for you – once you have done a set and worn it for a day, how do you sleep in it to make it last another day (or two!)? I’ve never been able to figure it out and I hate the thought of spending a bunch of time on my hair, only to have to wash it every night to get the same effect.

    Do you repin the dry curls for sleeping and then brush out again the next day?

  4. You definitely nailed it – in fact, I’d say your look is every bit as lovely and classic as hers (perfect part placement as well, may I add).

    ♥ Jessica

  5. nessbow says:

    I think you did a fantastic job! I especially love that flowing front wave, so foxy!

  6. Mary says:

    wow, great result. I must give this a try!

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  9. Thanks for such a great tutorial…so going to try bthis one tomorrow! xx Shauna

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