Beautiful Hands – Looking After Yourself

This is the last post for Looking After Yourself Month and we are ending on Hands!

“Suppose I told you of a very small investment you could make that would pay you back many times over almost before you knew it. You’d snap it up, wouldn’t you? That’s exactly the opportunity you have with your hands. They’re about the easiest to cope with of all your beauty problems, yet you get quick and substantial dividends out of the really simple care you put into them.”

– The Handbook of Beauty by Constance Hart

Once again Miss Hart hits the nail on the head. I don’t know about you, but painting my nails is something I can generally do even at my worst (well almost, at my very worse I get really bad hand tremors which would be MESSY!) and it really does make me feel like I have put in so much more effort than I really have. I also have some awesome polishes from Ulta3 (the original made in Australia ones) that cost me just $2 each and never chip on me. Which means I don’t have to do much once I have polish on. But sometimes I like to go one step further and give myself a proper manicure….

Charm School Comic - Manicure 1

Welcome to the next episode in the Charm School Comic!

Charm School Comic Manicure 2

Not sure why flowers are talking about taking care of your hands….

Charm School Comic Manicure 3

Not sure what finger exercises are, or if they can actually make a difference, but Daphne is clearly desperate!

Charm School Comic Manicure 4

Good luck Daphne, 31 years and I am still not coordinated enough to file my nails, I am really good at biting them off perfectly with no ragged edges…

Charm School Comic Manicure 5

When I decide to give myself a manicure this is exactly where I start. Remember how I mentioned my love of milk baths HERE? Well that is also what I treat my hands to. I like to give them a nice long soak in some warm water and milk with a bit of almond oil in there. Then I use the same scrub I use on my face – a mixture of ground organic adzuki beans and organice rice bran. Then I give them a nice rinse in clean water.

Charm School Comic Manicure 6

I don’t know if I am just particularly grotty, but I can never get my nails clean with an orange stick or a nail brush…I can only get them really clean when I wash my hair. Oh well, whatever makes you happy Daphne. 

Charm School Comic Manicure 7

Ok now we are getting somewhere. Buffing my nails is the best! I love making them super shiny and smooth. So much fun!!! Hmmm…maybe I should consider getting a life….

Charm School Comic Manicure 8

Unless your mum is anything like my mum, then you need to skip a generation and go straight to grandmama and her giant bathroom filled with every product under the sun! Now she is long gone, I have to buy my own. 

Charm School Comic - Manicure 9

If you choose not to do regular manicures please consider having your hands cut off, as we don’t want to see those horrible unkempt hands! Or you know, just wear gloves or whatever. 

After I have got my nails chewed to the right length and have buffed them to the point they are super thin it is time to say goodbye to Daphne and move on to polish!

Dita Von Teese

I think most vintage loving ladies are familiar with the half moon manicure. Dita wears them all the time and if it’s good enough for her, it is way too hard for me. But if you do have more co-ordination than a blind slug I highly recommend visiting the blog of the divine Idda Van Munster for her half moon tutorial HERE.

Vintage Cutex Nail Polish Ad

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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4 Responses to Beautiful Hands – Looking After Yourself

  1. Teresa says:

    LOVE these illustrations so so much! And the tips are pretty handy too.

    I keep my nails trimmed and filed because they drive me crazy if they’re unkempt but I’ve never really liked nail polish. I’m not sure why. I did have a bad manicure once but I also hate using foundation on my face because I don’t like how it feels. But… I’m a bit weird like that. 😉

    • Honestly I am the same. I tend to keep my nails shorts. While I adore the half moon I prefer my nails squarer…and it just looks weird. Plus it’s too fussy, so straight polish it is. I say do what makes you feel good. If you don’t like nail polish or foundation why bother? Plus you have amazing skin and don’t need foundation!

  2. My nails are always short as they split and break easily despite healthy diet and all that stuff. My mum is the same but my sister has beautiful rock hard nails and she does absolutely nothing to maintain them, lucky thing! My current nail length (all uneven…) would still be considered short by most people but for me still too long. I type a lot and if my nails aren’t super short, the sensation of my nails on the keys is unpleasant!

    • I was the same – until I got pregnant with Chelsea. Now 99% of the time they are super strong and just like my hair, they grow super fast. I prefer short nails too.

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