On Letting Go – Life & Another Ebay Sale

This Months Theme is “Life” (or Everyday Life to be more specific).

As a little girl my mum had a tendency to move or get rid of all my stuff when I was visiting relatives. So I started packing all my beloved things in a big white suitcase (that is still in my garage today) and taking it with me every time I left the house over night. I was teased by my family mercilessly for being the kid who bought a suitcase with them for the weekend. Of course I didn’t need all that stuff for the weekend, but it was the only way for me to keep my precious things safe. When I finally let home at 15 years old (I say finally – because I am surprised I lasted that long) I became a hoarder. No psychologist needed to see the link there. But as the years have gone by and I have realised the only person who will give away/throw away my stuff is me and that I am actually safe I started to let go.

Lately I am becoming not only better at letting go of “stuff” but I am also getting quite good at only keeping what I love. Rather than keeping everything just because I could, I am only keeping things that make me truly happy. I found it harder to apply this to my wardrobe until recently. I was keeping things that didn’t fit, that I didn’t really want to wear or that didn’t suit me. For example I have an unnatural attraction to office wear….but I don’t (nor have I ever) worked in an office. I also don’t actually like to wear it as I feel weird dressed like that.

The more I narrowed my focus down to buying things I loved, the easier it was to let go of the stuff I didn’t love. When I looked in my wardrobe and saw all my beautiful vintage shirt dresses hanging next to my modern jersey ones it was a no brainer. I was only keeping them “just in case”. I was never really sure what the “just in case” was. The first clean out of my cupboard was at the start of the year. Then I did another one about a month ago. But this one, this one was brutal. I realised I am not a vintage collector, I am a vintage wearer. I didn’t want a collection of hats I would never wear. Or beautiful bags gathering dust on the shelf because they didn’t fit my stuff in them. I don’t need to hold onto shoes that are uncomfortable because I spent money on them.

The big one though – was letting go of things that don’t fit me. Especially as my weight fluctuates I find myself buying smaller and smaller clothes and thinking “well one day I might…..”. I had convinced myself plus sized gals like me couldn’t find vintage in their size, so I should hoard whatever I could and hope I would magically shrink. Ladies, I encourage you to let go. Go through your cupboard and get rid of everything that doesn’t fit. EVERYTHING! (except really sentimental items like wedding dresses – but those should be put in storage so as not to taunt you). Can you imagine what it is like to open your wardrobe and know everything in there will fit you? That there will be no tiny clothes taunting you and making you feel bad about yourself? Trust me, it feels pretty amazing.

Not only do I know have enough cupboard space and coat hangers, I can see the glaring omissions. I realised I never wore my beautiful pencil skirts that I love. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to, it’s because I have no shirts that go with them. But I wasn’t buying shirts as my cupboard was stuffed with them.


Now I feel like I have a really nice base wardrobe and am letting go of all the thing I don’t need or want any more. I know it probably seems weird, but I feel a bit lighter every time I let go of something. I feel freer.

But given that not only have I spent some money on these things, most of them are still in good nick – and all my clothing is plus sized. Therefore and ebay sale was necessary…


I have listed lots of plus sized belts (those babies are hard to find), some random shoes, plus size clothes, plus size vintage, vintage hand bags and hats and other random things. If you are outside of Australia and want a shipping quote just message me through ebay with what you want and I will do my best.

Some of the goodies that are up for grabs…

Miss Fairchild Beaded Peter Pan Collar

Brand New Without Tags – Beaded/Pearled Peter Pan Collar (modern) CLICK HERE TO BUY

Miss Fairchild Red Bow Belt

Cute Red Bow Belt (to fit waist sizes 30in-36in) CLICK HERE TO BUY

Miss Fairchild Vintage Bag

Very “Mad Men” Style 60s Vintage Handbag CLICK HERE TO BUY

Miss Fairchild Vintage Cloche Hat

Gorgeous Vintage Cloche (that doesn’t fit me *cry*) CLICK HERE TO BUY

Miss Fairchild Feather Hat

Immaculate Condition Stunning Vintage Feather Hat/Topper CLICK HERE TO BUY

Miss Fairchild 50s Style Red Polka Dot Shirt

Adorable 50s Style Shirt (Up to 45in Bust) CLICK HERE TO BUY

Miss Fairchild Cashemere Sweater

Super Soft Vintage Pringle Cashmere Sweater (38in Bust) CLICK HERE TO BUY

Miss Fairchild Yellow Gingham Shirt Dress

Adorable Handmade Vintage Yellow Gingham Shirt Dress (Bust 46.5in/Waist 37in) CLICK HERE TO BUYMiss Fairchild Housecoat

Beautiful Hand Made Vintage Housecoat in Hand Painted Corduroy SOLD

I encourage you all to get rid of the things you don’t truly love  – and of course go buy my things so I can  buy more things I love! CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL ITEMS FOR SALE

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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14 Responses to On Letting Go – Life & Another Ebay Sale

  1. Kim Campbell says:

    Very thought provoking post. I need to take it to heart.

  2. I’m with you there! When my grandmothers died I just grabbed so much stuff because it was a link to them. A few years later it was more clutter but I still felt bad for letting it go. I also found I felt weird/sad when I wore my grandmothers dresses so I donated them (but hung on to some others– still feel a bit wistful when I see them in my wardrobe but it’s a nice reminder now!)

    I have also bought stuff, not knowing if I’d ever wear it, simply because it was something beautiful. Some people spend money on wall art, I found a like to spend money (bargain prices mostly) on vintage clothing as they were my art!

  3. Teresa says:

    I couldn’t agree more on the topic of letting things go. It took a couple of big moves and the selling off of the majority of my possessions that made me learn this valuable lesson. Yeah… I still get to live out my crazy hoarder tendancies with my vintage store but… I’m hoarding them for their new owners. 😉

    Best of luck with your ebay sale!

    • It really is a hard lesson to learn. We moved interstate when the twins were just 4 months old and we sold everything (or so I thought) and moved without any furniture/household stuff….but we paid to moved dozens and dozens of boxes filled with crap that I only threw out three houses later! I’m still annoyed at myself for not learning it earlier. But it was only when I wasn’t being forced to give up things that I finally learnt to let go. typical stubborn me.

  4. Jennifer says:

    I have been doing so much clearing out in the past few months and it is such a good feeling to know that you’re not cluttered down with so much useless stuff anymore. Love this post, and I hope your ebay sale goes well xx

  5. retrochickuk says:

    I am an awful, awful hoarder. I find it hard to let go of things, and I buy so much at fairs and things because it’s unloved! I have so much slightly chipped deco china it’s silly, and nearly 20 babycham glasses, I’m a nightmare!

  6. I have a tendancy to hoard vintage pieces that I know I’ll never wear but are just so pretty. Especially some of my earlier vintage pieces. I can’t help it! But I know I’ll need to let go at some point…

    • Just think of it as giving someone else to fall in love with them. Remember how you felt when you first wore them? Giving someone else that opportunity can be a wonderful idea. After all part of the fun of buying vintage is imaging all the escapades the clothing had with it’s original owners.

  7. You might want to join this FB group if you’re selling more vintage/costume-y type items. Good luck!

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