Life…and what I have been up to…

If you have been reading awhile you might be aware I very rarely leave my house. Well it seems lately I have barely been at home. Things have gone quiet on the blog as *SHOCK HORROR* I have been out having something that resembles a life. Crazy right? So here is a not so quick update on what I have been up to…


First of all I wanted to announce my super exciting news that I have been keeping to myself for the last month…

Miss Fairchild Hey Doll


It’s ME! In a MAGAZINE!!!! I also probably should have proofread my bio……

I have become a regular etiquette/charm columnist for Hey Doll Vintage Magazine! I have been furiously refreshing their web page the last few days so I could finally announce it. This issue I talk about the very basics of Etiquette (that aren’t even covered in my vintage books…only in my modern ones) with an article on the “Magic Words”. Please go read it HERE. It is available online for free for anyone to read. It is run by the delightful Bunny from Bunny’s Victory Blog and the gorgeous Brittany from Vavoom Vintage BlogThere are also TONNES of amazing contributors each month and this month is no exception.


Despite promises to stop spending money I seem to have had a little problem with shopping lately. Well not just lately, try the last 25 odd years. In my defence – most of it was spent before the Love Vintage Show (I epically broke my bank account on coats) and has only just now started arriving.  My main problem appears to be books….

Miss Fairchild Books


This is just 5 days worth (they all arrived either by post or found at an op shop in the last 5 days)

But I did sneak in a visit to Di at Clara Fox Vintage in Fitzroy when I was visiting Jacinta (Razzle Dazzle Rose Blog). After helping Jacinta broker a deal on some vintage lingerie for her upcoming store (you know, with my winning personality….ok, bossiness – you can all stop laughing now) I found these goodies…

Miss Fairchild Shopping

Late 20s/Early 30s Nightie (that actually fits the MEGA BOOBS), a pair of cute navy lace gloves & a pair of beautiful coral gloves


Along with getting out and about comes countless hours on public transport. Which means I have been reading more!

Miss Fairchild - Miss Fisher Book

Re-reading the Miss Fisher series while waiting for Season 2 of the show to start….

Miss Fairchild - Summer at Tiffany

Summer at Tiffany by Marjorie Hart

I can’t remember for the life of me where I first saw this. I know it was on a vintage blog somewhere, but after I requested it from my local library I closed the tab and forgot about it. It was picked up a few weeks ago and has been sitting on my bedside waiting to be read. I originally thought it was fiction set in the forties, but it turns out it is actually Ms Hart’s memoirs of her summer in NYC in 1945 when she worked at Tiffany & Co. I loved this book. It is one thing to read a fiction book and get carried away with the story, but Marjorie actually lived it. Her and some uni friends decide to leave the midwest for the summer and head to NYC. They work at the fabulous Tiffany & Co., go out with soldiers and have the time of their life. I loved every minute of this – especially the interview with Marjorie at the back of the book….I have a feeling we would have been good friends.


Miss Fairchild - Music

Lots of train travel also means lots of ipod listening….

Miss Fairchild - Jacinta

Terrible photo of Jacinta DJ’ing social Dancing at Fitzroy Swing Patrol

I also had the pleasure of not only attending a swing class with Jacinta at Swing Patrol (have wanted to try swing dancing forever) but she also was the DJ for social dancing that night. Now I have demanded some mixes from her. It was lots of fun…til I started to feel sick, left and threw up in a rubbish bin and had to sell a kidney to get a taxi from Fitzroy to suburbia to get me home. (please note: I don’t drink…I wish this was a drunken incident and not a “I just felt so sick I needed to puke in a bin” thing)


Miss Fairchild - Gatsby

Saw the great Gatsby at the GORGEOUS Sun Theatre….did not enjoy the movie

On Monday I took my very unwell self out in jeans (shhhhh – they were mostly hidden by my gorgeous vintage coat) to go see The Great Gatsby. I didn’t enjoy it. I went fully expecting it to be Baz’s interpretation of it and not to be too authentic. I felt it didn’t go big enough for me to enjoy it as a Baz movie, and not authentic enough for me to enjoy it as a Gatsby movie. So while I don’t think I hated it, I just didn’t think it was much of anything. So bummer. I know lots of other people loved it and that’s awesome. So no need to lecture me in the comments 😉

Miss Fairchild - Bond

The Sexiest Bond EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me while I swoon….

At the end of the day I generally pop a movie on. Lately I have been working my way through the bond movies. It’s been fun. It also makes me really want a bond girl name as awesome as “Pussy Galore” or “Tiffany Case”.


Miss Fairchild  - Food

Eggs Benedict (with bacon instead of ham) at Lunch with Veganopoulous  and yes…I did order eggs and bacon while out with my vegan friend….

Miss Fairchild - Food

Black Forest Cake at my Second visit to Hopetoun Tea Rooms in a week!

Along with never being at home has come with lots of eating out. I have been totally over indulging and it has been FABULOUS!


Miss Fairchild - Baby

Miss Fairchild as a Baby

First lets get this out in the open once and for all…as you can see by the above RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE baby photo I was born with red hair. Actually it was more like bright orange, carrot top hair. Somewhere along the line this faded to a weird browny grey with a hint of reddishness to it. Yes I dye my hair, but it is actually pretty close to my natural colouring. Or it was.

Miss Fairchild - Hair

Mid Hair Cut – Photo courtesy of Veganopoulous

If you want a traditional Middy hair cut in Melbourne – Go see Cass at Wildilocks. Not only did I not need to take my diagram (she already knew how to do it), but she was able to give me the history right down to the country of origin of the scissors. I trusted her implicitly once I heard her start talking and now look at my awesome hair…

Miss Fairchild - hair

Hair was being all Marilyn-y….this made me happy!


Miss Fairchild Jacinta

Jacinta working hard on her business

I have spent quite a bit of time with Jacinta lately cracking the whip and teaching her about profit loss statements and marketing strategies. It’s been fun for me….but I think by the time her shop is open she will need a break. Don’t think the lecturing stopped when we visited Clara Fox either…Di got a lecture on organisation while Jacinta sat back sniggering, glad it wasn’t her for once.

This week after our traditional tea at Captains of Industry, followed by around 3-4 hours of business work we went to a swing dancing lesson at Swing Patrol in Fitzroy. I had so much fun, despite having two left feet and injuring at least  one poor man. We then sneaked off for dinner and talked about sex (or I talked about sex and she looked mostly terrified) until it was time for her to break out the tunes for social dancing. I even got asked for a dance by one lovely young guy who wouldn’t take “No…I just had my first lesson an hour ago and I still don’t remember any steps”  for an answer. Instead he happily went over the moves I learnt in class and told me repeatedly to just have fun.

Miss Fairchild - Children

My girls thoroughly enjoying pulling computers apart

A “few hour” play date turned into an all day one when a friend (who also homeschools her little ones) came to visit. Her hubby bought a bunch of old computers for the girls to pull apart and oh boy, did they have FUN. Which was very awesome as that means they left us alone to chat all afternoon and I got to show her all my vintage goodies. I even showed her every single hat I have one by one. I had fun at least LOL.

Thursday was spent at TAFE where I got to catch up with the awesome Meg & Thomas (and well, everyone in my class as they are all awesome). How I became friends with the two youngest people in the class is beyond me. No, wait….it’s probably because every time my teacher uses the word “stiffener” (something you use on hats) I giggle like I am a 14yo boy. I swear sometimes I go to class just to hang out with them. We try to one up each other in the “too much information” stakes. I usually win. I know this surprises NO ONE who knows me.

Miss Fairchild - Present

Gorgeous present from Veganopoulous – a 1950s Tourist Guide to Windsor

Then Friday I headed out with Veganopoulous to get our hair cuts (unfortunately her identity is top secret, therefore all photos are classified for my eyes only), have lunch and op shop (our favourite past time). We almost never get to go out just the two of us as our kids quite like to play together. She also gave me a “just because” present. I seriously have the best friends. We decided it was so much fun to hang out sans children, we are heading to ACMI’s Hollywood costume exhibition this week.

Hopetoun Tea Rooms

The Saturday, with the last bit of energy I could muster, I headed into the city to meet up with some of the Melbourne Vintage Society girls for tea & cake at the Hopetoun Tea Rooms. Delicious cake was had, copious cups of tea were consumed and it was all with amazing conversation and company.

Melbourne Vintage Society

Some of the Melbourne Vintage Society Ladies – Jacinta from Razzle Dazzle Rose Blog, Claire from Tunabake Blog & Teresa from Bess Georgette

After our tea & cake we had a wander around the shops. Then I said goodbye, came home and proceeded to sleep for two full days.

What have you all been up to?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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21 Responses to Life…and what I have been up to…

  1. You didn’t mention that you asked me if it was okay to get the bacon and eggs 🙂 Because you’re nice!

    So looking forward to ACMI! But one of my favourite Hollywood costumes will always be Flash Gordon’s…

  2. Wow-you have been busy! What a bevy of fun and vintagey outings you’ve been having of late. I love your new hair cut, tres chic and it totally suits you. If you gals ever need another fellow vintage blogger to make up your number for tea and chats please do drop me a line. I live out in mainstream suburbia land and would relish the chance to catch up with like minded girlies. xx Shauna

  3. Mary says:

    Wow, fab news about your column in Hey Doll Vintage Magazine, that’s fantastic. Also, I can’t thank you enough for sharing a delicous photo of Sean Connery to brighten this gloomy Monday morning!

  4. What a lovely post, you’ve fine done great things with your time! I love your hair so much by the way, very jealous! Congratulations on the column, will be giving that a read. Xxx

  5. TheVintageCat says:

    Oh how wonderful! Congrats on the writing, I will definitely check it out! Also, your hair looks great!

  6. Teresa says:

    Congrats on being published Jess that’s so exciting!

  7. Wow, you have been a busy miss! That is so wonderful about your column, congratulations!

    I am in desperate need of a hair cut. I hate having such long hair (and usually have it short) but every time I think about cutting it off I get a pang of sadness…maybe just a little longer till I book an appointment…

  8. Oh honey, you certainly have been as busy as a bumblebee lately! Thank you very much for sharing so much of the awesomely exciting fun that’s been transpiring in your life lately! That’s awesome about being a part of Hey Doll magazine – I’m going to be in the near future, too.

    Your new haircut looks marvelous! Such a face framing, classic, lovely length.

    You’d mentioned in a recent comment on my site that you have trouble with applying eyeliner because of your vision (totally understandable, of course), and I wanted to share a link with you that I think might be of help on that front:

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Katy Jane says:

    I found your fabulous blog, through the Hey Doll Mag – I loved your article about Etiquette, and agree “please & thank yous” seem to have been forgotten in alot of society today, which I find quite upsetting. It takes a few seconds to say the words, I always make sure I use them in everyday life…I don’t even have to think about it!

    Glad I found your blog and will be a regular reader 🙂


  10. Katie A says:

    Don’t forget that along with all the adventures charmingly detailed above, you also showed kindness and support to a fledgling vintage gal via your eBay sale! I’m really not stalking you – I promise!

  11. Pingback: Wildilocks Review & My new 7in Middy | Miss Fairchild's Charm School

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