Sunday Best (featuring Andi B. Goode)

Unfortunately I ran out of the house before getting shots of my outfit…which is a shame as my fabulous purple velvet pillbox hat has yet to feature on my blog. I only have these two shots. I was going to get the lovely Andi to take some of my in Degraves St…but we got so busy chatting that it was too dark to take photos.

Miss Fairchild & Andi B. Goode - Sunday Best


Andi B. Goode & Miss Fairchild NOT SMILING 

Miss Fairchild is wearing:

Vintage 50s Green Lambswool twinset – Deanne’s Vintage on Etsy

Wool 60’s Pencil Skirt – Gifted by Veganopoulous

Purple Velvet Pillbox Hat – Retrostar

Wool Stockings in Nun Brown – Levante

Navy & White Ballet Flats – Wittner

Spilene White Handbag – Ebay

Enamel Daisy Brooch – Etsy

Miss Fairchild - Sunday Best

I also forgot to get a photo with my new coat from Retro Star…it’s purple and FABULOUS! It will be getting  a post of it’s very own soon.  Just look at that colour!!!

It was an absolutely fabulous day with Andi. We had macrons and went to the Monet exhibit. We had tea and went to Minotaur. We had lord of the fries onion rings and walked around. She was only here for a few hours and I felt more than a little bit special that it was me she hung out with. We enjoyed our non smiley photos and then she headed off back to Adelaide and I went home and had the start of a tooth ache (which turns out to be an abscess and the whole tooth needs to come out – but I need to get the infection under control first with antibiotics – I am also on a crazy amount of pain killers – so not sure if this blog post makes any sense…).

What are you wearing this week?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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12 Responses to Sunday Best (featuring Andi B. Goode)

  1. Alice Keen says:

    You look fabulous! The downside is you remind me of how standards of personal appearance are so different now (for most) when I think of the styles of the my childhood (I’m forty-seven). But the upside (apart from your fabulousness) is that you remind me that there are people who are not afraid to dress with flair and individuality and who are not afraid to be a bit different from the rest.

    Gosh, you are fab! I’m glad I found your blog.

    • Awww thank you. I am not big on “standards of dress” BUT I do love to dress in a way that makes me feel happy and comfortable. If that is outside of the norm – I am ok with that, I am more than a little left of centre inside – it should be reflected a little on the outside LOL.

      Thanks so much for the kind words and I am glad you found me too!

  2. 😦 tooth aches suck. I have one right at this very minute – I let my Dentist ‘try’ to fix some holes and it hasn’t been the same since, fingers crossed that infection of yours fecks off & you can get the tooth removed without too much stress. Love anything purple and can’t wait to see it in full!

    • Oh lovely – sorry to hear. It looks like I have the same problem as you – it is the only tooth I have had a filling in. Apparently fillings are one of the most common causes of tooth abscesses. ((((hugs))))

  3. nessbow says:

    I can’t wait to see proper pictures of that purple coat. You’re such a tease!

  4. Lovely outfits! I just got a ’50s purple pencil skirt from etsy! 🙂 Such a great color, I look forward to seeing the coat in its entirety.
    Tooth aches suck, one recommendation is a glass of warm water and a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of baking soda. In conjunction with the antibiotics, it will help the swelling. (I’ve had my share of tooth problems!)

    Feel Better!

  5. Teresa says:

    You both look so fabulous!

  6. It was so lovely to meet you <33 Thank-you again for the wonderful day and I look forward to next time 😀

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