Sunday Best

Miss Fairchild Sunday Best

I showed this sneak peak of my new Bess Georgette dress the other day and now I am going to show you the whole dress in all it’s cuteness.

Miss Fairchild - Sunday Best

Vintage 50s Dress by Kerrybrook – Bess Georgette

Navy Blue Stockings – Levante

Navy & White Ballet Flats – Wittner

I was so excited when the lovely Teresa from Bess Georgette contacted me awhile back to say she might have something in my size coming up soon. I pestered her and pestered her and pestered her and finally a few weeks back she told me it was ready, photographed and she had official sizing. I snapped it up straight away as look at it – it’s freaking adorable!

Out of all of my vintage clothes I really think this is the most youthful thing I own. I tend to dress more “matronly”…But I just adore this dress to pieces. It is also my first plaid dress in my wardrobe (not sure how that is possible given how keen I am for plaids). The only thing I need to do is add a press stud or a hook and eye between two of the buttons on the bust – these smaller buttons have a tendency to pop open (not that it phases me as I wear old fashioned underwear too – a slip and a longline bra is between this dress and and skin that could show)….but apart from that it is perfect! It fits perfectly, it’s in immaculate condition and so cute. So cute it made me want to do something different with my hair….

Miss Fairchild  - Sunday Best

Mascara – Max Factor False Lash Effect in Black

Blush – Natio in “Peach Glow” 

Lipstick – Laura Mercier “Mistress”

I stole this plaid headband from Miss 13 (who originally stole it from me) and attempted a little beehive/bouffant. Despite much teasing and it feeling huge, by the time I pinned it all up I realised it was actually quite small *sad face*. Next time I will see if I can get it even bigger.

So lovely Ladies, What are you wearing this week?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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20 Responses to Sunday Best

  1. Love the tartan look

    Would love for you to checkout my blog

    Mimi x

  2. Taygan says:

    Such a beautiful dress, and I really like the colours with your hair!
    Damn those tiny buttons.. I have this issue too and I am less-than-ample in the bust area haha.
    Wish you had come today, hope you’re feeling better though!

  3. luuurvely, can’t wait to see it 🙂 The headband is a great match 😀

  4. Loooooove the pop of colour on you, you adorable creature!

  5. Yay!! Love it!! I also love the bouffant. I recently got my very own Bess Georgette dress and I have to wait until my b’day to officially get it but I cheated a little and opened my package to try it on and just fell in love with my dress.

  6. Alice Keen says:

    It’s a fantastic dress and you look wonderful. I like this look on you.

  7. Alice Keen says:

    Also, the colours really do suit you. And so does your lipstick. Really pretty!

  8. Teresa says:

    LOVE it and your hair is so cute!

  9. Well aren’t you just a vision of plaid loveliness, if ever there was one! Fabulous dress and hairstyle, dear gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  10. nessbow says:

    Your new dress is fantastic. I love the colours in that plaid.

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