Travelling in Style: Travel Fashion

I used to travel in track pants (yes people I actually used to wear track pants outside of working out or at home – I know I have probably shattered your opinion of me now) but as my wardrobe as become more glamorous, I have wanted to feel glamorous while travelling. So I turned to my trusty vintage books for help….

Vintage Travel Ad

This is how I would love to look while travelling….

“If you consider that when you are far away from home and surrounded by strangers, you are judged entirely on the strength of your external appearance, perhaps you will realise the importance of being flawlessly well-dressed whenever you travel. “

– Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux (1964 Edition)

I do have to add that you won’t just be judged on your appearance, but also your manners (so remember to be nice!). So what does one wear on a long trip?

“In trains, planes, or cars, if you a travelling from one city to another, you should wear a city outfit, including stockings, gloves, and hat.”

– Elegance by Genevieve Antoine Dariaux (1964 Edition)

While I don’t disagree with her advice, as standards of dressing have become more casual, I think you can be a bit more relaxed. Personally I rarely take hats with me when I travel. I am not able to keep them safe. I generally stick to one hat that I wear and if I take any other hats they tend to be the non breakable variety (like berets!).

Marilyn Monroe -Beret

Marilyn rocking the beret

The only time I tend to wear jersey is when I am travelling. Head over to see Retro Chick in what I would consider the ideal retro travelling outfit (minus the shoes). I own a cute retro inspired Leona Edmiston jersey dress that is beautiful and comfy when I travel. This is, ideally, where a beautiful jersey LBD would come in handy. Easy to dress up or down and the thing I love the most about jersey – is no wrinkles or creases after a long trip. My favourite at the moment would have to be this “Ruth Dress” by Leona Edmiston.

Leona Edmiston - Ruth Dress

Leona Edmiston – Ruth Dress

I would also be very careful when selecting undergarments. While I wear my girdle and longline bra everyday without issue, the last time I wore my girdle on a plane not only did I have to flash the security guard (metal garter clips), but I forgot I swell when I fly and by the time I got off it was a race to the airport bathroom to rip it off so I could breath. I would instead invest in a comfy pair of tights that are easy to slip on and off. Plain black opaques always work well (I find I freeze in planes) but you could also wear some classic seamed tights (available almost everywhere these days) or something like these super cute “Swiss Dot Seamed Tights” from What Katie Did.

Swiss Dot Seamed Tights - What Katie Did

Swiss Dot Tights – What Katie Did

I would also take on a cute vintage cardigan (and carry on your coat – its your biggest piece of luggage – save the bag space and if you get really cold you can put it on or use it as a blanket. If you want to keep your vintage knits at home, or just want something more snuggle something like this Longline Cardigan from Brora.

Brora Longline Cardigan

If a cardigan doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not try a beautiful soft cashmere wrap?

Vintage Stole ad

These vintage lasses know how to work the wrap!

The last part of your ensemble would be shoes. I never wear anything but flats. I never leave home without a pair of black ballet flats and these are my travelling shoes of choice. I will pack some shoe clips instead of taking extra shoes and dress them up or down. But I also think there loafers are adorable….

Black Loafers

While I know it isn’t particularly vintage – I need to be comfortable when I travel. While all my books suggest a nice crisp suit (that also being the bulk of your luggage – just needing blouses, knickers and cardigans) to travel in, I am not sure I would be terribly comfortable. You may not look like those who travelled so glamorously in years gone by, but you might just end up looking as GLAMOROUS as Miss Dita Von Teese, my personal travel style icon. She is always simply, yet impeccably dressed.

Dita Von Teese - Travel

Dita Von Teese Travelling

So lovely ladies – how to do you combine style and comfort for travelling?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

stay tuned for more in my travel series – next up beauty while travelling!

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13 Responses to Travelling in Style: Travel Fashion

  1. Taygan says:

    Oh Dita looks amazing! This is all great advice 🙂
    I’ve already planned my on-board outfit and I’m hoping it will look nice but also be comfortable on our incredibly looooooonnng trip.

  2. The Quirky Quaintrelle says:

    What perfect timing, I’m travelling this weekend no will take this timely advice to heat xo

  3. Helga says:

    I stifled a little gasp about the trackies……but hey, it’s no one’s business but you’re own!
    Indeed, comfort is the name of the game. I never wear a belt, nor girdle when flying, nor makeup!

    • Once upon a time I used to live in jeans and trackpants – and I hated every second of it! I haven’t flown long haul so I usually wear makeup – but I stick to mascara and lipgloss.

  4. Teresa says:

    Is that lady walking behind carrying all of Dita’s luggage? I wish I could travel in Dita style like that!

  5. Just got back from a short stay interstate and have to say my Leona E. dresses were fantastic. No creases! I took three and washed one when I was there and hung it on the hotel towel rail and two days later it was good to go. They’re lightweight and don’t take much room.

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  7. Kori says:


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