Sunday Best

A quick update: I am doing a lot better. Just have been very tired and unable to focus much on the blog….I miss blogging though 😦

Now onto my Sunday Best. Last night I went out with my brother to see some events at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. We each picked an event and while mine was a bit lame (apart from the fabulous Clara Cupcakes doing her hoop act – which was super) so we ended up going back to his chosen event which ran for 24 hours called the 24 Hour Hoo Haa – basically it is a comedy improv group (who also improv lots of songs and music) who did sets of 45 minutes every hour. It was hilarious and I ended up staying until 3am.  I can’t tell you when the last time I stayed out that late was. While it was great fun, I am totally wiped now. What did I wear?

24 Hour Hoo Haa


Miss Fairchild - Sunday Best 3


Vintage “Bloomingdales” Hat – Etsy

Vintage Martini Brooch – Etsy

Lipstick – “Really Red” Revlon Matte Lipstick

Blush – Nars “Exhibit A”

Mascara – Max Factor False Lash Effect in Brown

Brows – B Collection Brow Box in “Fair”

Miss Fairchild - Sunday Best 2

Vintage Dress – Audrey Scarlett Vintage

What Katie Did Nude Stockings with Pink Backseam – Dames of Distinction

Taupe Ferragamos – Ebay

Miss Fairchild - Sunday Best

Vintage Evening Coat – Audrey Scarlett Vintage

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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13 Responses to Sunday Best

  1. Helga says:

    Nothing like an evening of laughter! Sounds a bit like something we have here called Scared Scriptless. I love that improv stuff.
    The martini brooch is to DIE for sweet! I love the frock, it’s rather sophisticated and elegant! XXX

    • Improv is the best – I am so going to have to go again. I usually don’t attend comedy stuff as I tend to find most of it offensive (racist/sexist/fat jokes) but I loved this as there was no making fun of people, it was just people being funny.

  2. The Quirky Quaintrelle says:

    You look positively swell-egant! Loving that martini brooch. Glad to hear you’re feeling better xo

  3. oooh love the dress!!!

  4. nessbow says:

    Gorgeous! I’m totally smitten with that martini brooch. I’m so pleased that you had a great time!

  5. this hat is so lovely and it goes so well with the blue of your dress …
    good to hear you doing much better … 🙂

  6. Your dress is so beautiful!

  7. Smashingly lovely ensemble! I’ve always adored that soft, elegant shade of subtly blue tinged grey. It makes me think of the colour of the Pacific ocean as a spring storm rolls into town.

    ♥ Jessica

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