What’s in my (Vintage) Bag

I am still trying to get back into the swing of blogging…and I am planning on finishing up my travel series…but until then here is a very short and sweet blog post on what is in my (vintage) bag.

What's In Miss Fairchild's Bag?


  1. Vintage White Hanky
  2. A Paper Back (“Persuasion” is one of my all time favourite books)
  3. Keys
  4. iPhone and headphones
  5. Drink bottle (this one is a plastic one from smiggle – I haven’t been able to use metal drink bottles since I was pregnant with miss 13 when I couldn’t even use metal cutlery without my gag reflex going crazy)
  6. Vintage Rain Bonnet in an adorable little case
  7. A mirror
  8. My favourite lipstick – “Really Red” by Revlon
  9. A vintage Pillbox filled with pills for the various ailments I have
  10. A notebook – sometimes the phone notepad just doesn’t cut it.
  11. A pen
  12. My huge ugly purse (would like to replace this with a cute vintage one)
  13. A Hair Scarf. I live in a super windy area and I throw this on to save my hair while travelling.
  14. My favourite vintage bag by Spilene. I have 3 bags exactly like this (I also have a red and a white one) and they are the perfect size to hold all my goodies. I really can’t leave home without all of these things.

So ladies – what is in your bag? I would love to see what everyone else deems essential. If the comment box isn’t enough and you decide to do your own blog post on it please link me to it in the comments!

Miss Fairchild xoxo

ps – I have been so thrilled reading all of your responses to “How Wearing Vintage Has Changed Me” that I would actually love to have some of you lovely ladies guest post on the blog with your own thoughts on how vintage has changed you. If you are interested please email me at misssabrinafairchild@gmail.com 

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21 Responses to What’s in my (Vintage) Bag

  1. I am officially addicted to your blog. I love it. You are a doll and your beauty shines through in your honest writing about the things you love. This post is awesome. While I’m not quite ready to post the contents of my not vintage purse, I do drool over yours and your simple necessities. Lovely. Just lovely. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I found you. You inspire the woman inside me who longs for more vintage – clothing, values, mannerisms… Thank you.


  2. The Quirky Quaintrelle says:

    Reblogged this on The Quirky Quaintrelle and commented:
    The always-adorable Miss Fairchild has inspired me to do a post on what’s in my handbag so expect to see it shortly…

  3. Teresa says:

    You certainly fit quite a lot in your vintage bag!

  4. I want to do a post on this! I definitely have way more crap in mine – right now I even have giant shoes, a hat, and some carrots.

  5. deb Clark says:

    I love the rain bonnet – great idea! And I love that bag.
    I am using a vintage basket at present, so I can fit in some vintage magazines that I take to the office and scan. It also has my purse, a pair of sun-glasses and reading glasses, my current novel (an agatha christie), a china cup (for tap water and coffee), my knitting, a hankie, band aids, hair pins, keys, a pair of earrings (?),my i-phone, bessame powder compact and a bottle of nail polish. I wear a 12 hour lipstick (bit of a lip chewer) so I don’t need to reapply. To be totally honest, it also has my new car rego sticker (it’s been a month and I still haven’t changed it), a few receipts, my overdue electiricy bill, and a McDonald’s toy (I caved over the holidays).
    ♥ Deb

    • I should probably have noted I cleaned out various receipts, bills and numerous dead flowers (my girls always pick them and I put them in my bag thinking I will put them in water and then forget). The bonnet is perfect as I don’t carry an umbrella (I always have a heavy wool coat with me) so this saves my vintage hair sets!

  6. Such a wonderfully fun post! I tend to change up my handbag fairly often, depending on what I’m wearing, and as I really try to keep the weight down (I don’t have a lot of strength, especially in my arms), so my essentials are pretty bare boned (unless I’ve traveling out of town, even for a couple of hours, then I pack a small tote back with must-haves such as a change of clothes, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, a water bottle, a snack, a book or magazine, some of my meds and supplements, a notebook, etc). My phone, lipstick, a super tiny comb (for my bangs), wallet, vintage hankie, and a pair of gloves (if I’m not wearing them already) are things that I almost never leave home with in my purse.

    ♥ Jessica

    • I have 5 handbags – but three of them are the exact same bag but in different colours (I have navy, red and a white one in this exact brand/style) and I just swap stuff over. It was hard at first to get used to a vintage bag as I used to wear an across the body strap bag and was quite weak after my three years in bed. But I have gotten used to it now.

      I couldn’t leave my pillbox or water at home. They are absolutely essential. I have also learnt to pack all my meds and prescriptions for refills when I go away even for just a few nights as I have been stuck before and a lot of my medications are not given out freely.

      Thanks for sharing lovely!

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  8. I can tell you I have a lot of crumped receipts and balled up tissues and bobby pins in my bag…

  9. urban hounds says:

    your bag is very organized. I only have two types of bags huge messes and tiny 1930s purses for special occasions. I also carry a back pack to work some time, more practical but not vintage at all. Id say your purse looks very vintagey

    kate the old fashioned way

  10. Helga says:

    I just can’t think how you manage to keep everything in such great condition?! Everything in my bag gets battered as hell. Doesn’t help that i swap bags a lot, either…I have a rain bonnet too! But I don;t think it’s in my everyday bag…I wonder where it is, actually, as I may need it this afternoon!
    Intriguing about the metal affecting your gag reflex. Weird things happen to a gal when she’s preggers, I believe. I also love Persuasion, and I love the BBC tele adaption with Amanda Root.

  11. By not letting anyone else touch the stuff in my bag LOL. I am extremely anal and I live with the 5 messiest people in the world. My bag is one of the few things I can control. So it is perfectly perfect.

    I love the BBC adaptation too (I love all the BBC Austens).

    The only joy pregnancy ever gave me (besides the babies of course) was a love of red meat again. I craved it so much when I was pregnant. Of course I had to have someone else cut it up because of the metal thing….LOL

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