Self Defence for the Vintage Lady

Woman's World

Ever since I saw the lovely Teresa (of Bess Georgette) post a picture of this book on Instagram, I knew it had to be mine for my collection. It seems like it may have been an Australian book (my edition is published in Australia) and while I can’t find much information it is written with a distinct Australian “flavour”. Hard to explain what that means though. It is basically a total handbook to being a woman. It has so much in it that I try to just pick it up and flick it open and see what I come across. Today I share with you it’s advice for self defence…

Woman's World - Self Defence

If Attacked

If you are unfortunate enough to be molested, the first thing to so is scream – and continue screaming. The more noise you make the more likely you are to scare your attacker away. Secondly, remember that a man’s groin is the most vulnerable part of his body. If you can smash your knee there with all of your force you will bring about a complete disinterest in further assault on his part. Kick hard enough and you will be able to walk, not run, away. If you are badly placed to administer this blow, stamp down with all of your strength on his instep or toes. Effective enough with normal high-heel shoes, this is even more damaging with stiletto heels, and you will have no difficulty in seriously hurting his foot. Hard kicks on knee, shin and ankle are equally good, and fingernails scratched across his face and eyes will probably disconcert him long enough for you to break away. 

Woman's World - Self Defence

Another useful aid is the sharp ferrule of your umbrella, which makes an ideal defensive weapon. Your handbag, loaded with its usual miscellany of compact, purse, coins and other articles, can be effective when swung hard and often at your assailant’s head. Once you have created the opportunity to wrest yourself from his clutch, abandon your high-heels and run, screaming your loudest as you go. “

– Woman’s World (date unkown)

Some advice never goes out of style.

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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5 Responses to Self Defence for the Vintage Lady

  1. Teresa says:

    I love this book so much. It’s definitely Australian and published in the 1950s I think.
    So glad you found yourself a copy.

  2. The Quirky Quaintrelle says:

    I hope I don’t need to use this wonderfully sensible advice!

  3. Oh wow 🙂 Love to bit about the umbrella as it’s true. I did a womens krav maga course and we were taught that so many things we carry on us could be used in self defence, even to cause a distraction like throwing your makeup case. Another example was a lip gloss tube, grab one in your fist and whack it in to your face (especially the ridged end). It hurts! 😛

  4. nessbow says:

    This is all awesome advice. I love the part about kneeing a man in the groin to “bring about a complete disinterest in further assault”. That’s one way to put it!

  5. Good advice particularly about the scre the FBI recommends that too and I love the drawing
    Kate the old fashion way

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