Sculpture Pin Curler: Review

Note: I purchased this product myself…all opinions are my own. But if someone else wants to send me free stuff to review let me know 😛

Sculpture Pin Curler

I have been wanting to try the “Sculpture Pin Curler” for quite some time so I finally bit the bullet and ordered one a few weeks ago. While I can set my hair easily and quickly in the same basic set I use all the time, I wanted to see if this made a difference and would help me with trickier sets and more uniform curls.

When it arrived I set my hair the way I usually do which you can find HERE. I have to admit – the fact that it picked up all the ends together was wonderful. I would absolutely recommend this to a beginner…especially if you are having trouble with getting pin curls right. This could have saved me a lot of tears in the early days. However I found even the larger end was just a bit too small for my hair – I have really thick hair and a lot of it – I ended up with huge doughnuts sticking out from my head. I had to use much less hair than I normally would in one pin curl – meaning I ended up with almost twice as many curls as usual. The next day I brushed it out and voila…

Sculpture Pin Curler- Set 1

Before I wrote a review though I wanted to try another set. This time I used this set (which is almost the same as above but the top section in rolled toward the back of the head instead of to the side.

Lauren Bacall Pincurl Set

Unfortunately as I tried to do less pin curls than the first set the next day they still weren’t dry in the morning. I left them in all da but took them out before bed and the next morning I woke up like this…

Sculpture Pin Curler - Set 2 UnbrushedI have to admit I actually loved it. I don’t normally like a messy, fluffy set but I find this totally adorable. But when I brushed it out it came together.

Sculpture Pin Curler - Set 2

Sculpture Pin Curler - Set 2

Sculpture Pin Curler - Set 2

Over all I quite liked it and think it will be helpful for precise sets. I really do wish it came in a larger size. It is reasonably affordable and the box set comes with a second pin curler (for your handbag), some setting patterns in a booklet (which don’t really appeal to me) and a poster of hair styles. I probably would have been fine with just the “refill” pack as I found it user friendly enough and easy to figure out. I also doubt I will use the second one unless the first one breaks as I don’t tend to need to curl my hair when I am out. I just spray the heck out of it with hairspray. If you are already a veteran pin curler and you have your sets down pat you might find this just slows you down. It normally takes me 5-10 minutes to set my hair. The first time I used the pin curler it took 2 hours (as I realised they were took thick and needed to be redone) and the second it took an hour. But it definitely made the ends neater than they normally are when I curl them.

I really think this product would be best suited to beginners, people with layers that struggle to get all the ends in a curl and for those with fine-regular hair thickness.

You can purchase the Sculpture Pin Curler HERE

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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3 Responses to Sculpture Pin Curler: Review

  1. retro rover says:

    Ive been wanting to get this because I am a spaz with my hair and I love the idea of pin curls. Your hair always look fab

    retro rover

  2. Alex says:

    Oh I was thinking of buying one of those but with really really really thick hair I figured I would still end up with eleventy billion curls pinned to my head. I will eventually get around to purchasing one to see if it helps getting the job done faster. I LOVE your hair. Brushed out or not brushed out it looks fabulous!

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