Sunday Best with Nessbow!

Yesterday was my last day in Benalla and I decided it was time to get back into Sunday Best and so I popped on this beautiful sheer blue vintage dress and a fabulous hat and I was good to go. I also asked the beautiful Vanessa to join me in some photos. She is just so gorgeous and I love her style ALWAYS go visit her blog HERE. Now onto some photos….

NessbowVanessa – such a stunner!

NessbowNessbow wearing rocking…

Kaftan – Gift

Green Slip on Shoes – Rubi shoes

Earings – Vintage

Miss FairchildMy hair was not doing what I wanted it to do…but I decided it was still fabulous!

Miss FairchildFabulous vintage hat from my new favourite vintage store “Salvato Collection” on Etsy HERE

Miss Fairchildattempting a film noir femme fatal…not sure I will ever pull off this look

Miss FairchildHat – Salvato Collection

Sheer Cotton Lawn Vintage Dress – Bombshell Vintage

Ballet Flats – Target

Nessbow & Miss Fairchild*sigh* I am going to miss this lovely lady so much…

So ladies…what are you wearing this week?

Miss Fairchild xoxo



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13 Responses to Sunday Best with Nessbow!

  1. Teresa says:


  2. Both looking stunning! It is so cold and miserable in London that your gorgeous summer outfits are making me jealous. Xxx

  3. I love your hat!!! And baaahhhh you always ask the ‘what are you wearing’ question when I’m decked out in my dressing gown and ‘good house nightie’…!

  4. nessbow says:

    I had so much fun posing for photos with you! We should definitely do it again.
    Oh, and I can totally see you as a film noir femme fatale. With a vampy dress and the right makeup, it could be divine.

    • I had so much fun with you. I can’t see myself as a femme fatale…I definitely feel more “Lucy”…but that being said, a lot of her bit roles were as the femme fatale….so who knows?

  5. Helga says:

    ARGH, all you amazing ladies in Melbourne make me weep!
    You’re both rather gorgeous, and frocked up to perfection! XXX

  6. you both look fantastic ….
    your hat is so adorable! … and your hair looks great. 🙂

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