Wildilocks Review & My new 7in Middy

I didn’t go into an in depth review last time I went to Wildilocks (see post HERE) as it was my first time there and sometimes you just need a second visit. Of course I am not one to attend a hair dresser regularly as I quite enjoy the growing out stage and seeing how different styles can be achieved every few weeks (my hair grows up to an inch a month – it really is quite insane). Last time I was there I had a traditional 6 in middy (with shorter layers in the front). Unfortunately I pretty quickly realised that the shorter layers in the front were not giving me a nice “U” shape. But my hair grows so quickly I wasn’t fussed and mostly I could work around it. I was mostly thrilled with it. But lately it was just getting too long in the back. So I made an appointment and yesterday I headed off to Wildilocks to have my hair cut.

Miss Fairchild Before

My before photo hastily snapped before I remembered I have tonnes of photos of my hair…

Wildilocks in owned by Cass and specialises in “alternative” hair styles. She is well versed in the middy (and many other vintage cuts). Much like a friend of mine, my favorite part about going there is that they respect “alternative life choices” ie. homeschooling, my daughters having shaved heads or mowhawks and I don’t have to go through the entire thing trying to explain things. I know that probably sounds weird – but it gets exhausting having to explain that no my children are not suffering from isolation and no they don’t miss school and no we don’t “test” them (if you want to know why we don’t test – it’s because I spend all day everyday with them. I don’t have a whole class – I know what they can and can’t do without a test). Sometimes I just want to sit and be pampered and not have to explain my whole life (yes taxi driver who demanded to know why I am living with my brother but can’t give directions to his house – just use your damn GPS and leave me be).

ok…I may be a little ranty….let’s continue, shall we?

I arrived early (I am either crazily early or late – no in between) and was seated next to a lovely man who was having his gorgeous long locks straightened and smoothed. I wanted to touch it…but thought that was slightly inappropriate. Cass then bought me a tray with tea and chocolate and then we had a chat. I explained the problems I had with our last cut and then she measured my hair (the longest layer had grown to almost 5in in 6 months!) and we decided on a plan of attack – 7in all over.

Tea at WildilocksTea & Chocolate…HEAVEN!

Cass cuts Middy’s dry – just like they used to. With the same scissors they used to use. Using the same hair cutting technique (apparently the opposite of how they cut hair now – not sure what that means). And she also measured as she was going to make sure it was all right. Not long after there was a pile of hair on the floor and a very happy me heading out the door. I popped in a new set last night and here we have the finished result…

Miss Fairchild AfterNot sure on the set – but love, Love, LOVE the cut

If you are in Melbourne (Australia) and are looking to have a traditional Middy cut call Wildilocks and ask for Cass. She also regularly visits Perth if you are on that side of the country and wanting a fab Middy.


347 Victoria St
North Melbourne
[03] 9326 5037

Miss Fairchild xoxo

Stay tuned for this setting pattern….

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12 Responses to Wildilocks Review & My new 7in Middy

  1. It looks fantastic!!! I think your set looks fab 🙂 I love their completely non-judgemental-ness about how other people live, I am so so so sick of having to explain myself in those horrid small talk sessions at salons so it was such a relief to find a place who are open minded! I decided to grow out my hair (again), but give me another month and I’ll be all annoyed with it (again)… actually tonight I’m going to try the nightly brushing out on my natural boofhead to see what happens. I want to see if I can get a really nice curl without having to set a single thing.

  2. Alex says:

    Oooh your hair is purdy!!!! I am soooooo keen to have a middy cut but ahh…ummm…oohhh. My hair is long, I love my long hair but it’s such a hassle pincurling it. I just have to take baby steps I think….I will eventually work up the courage to get my hair but in the meantime….Yours looks fab. Oh and how cute is that tea & choccy!!

    • Thanks lovely! Just so you know you can get a modified middy at any length you want. You could maybe start with 10-11in and see how it goes and work your way down?

  3. Almarie says:

    Your hair is just gorgeous! And I love the colour.

  4. Teresa says:

    Looking absolutely gorgeous lady! Your hair always looks so perfect.

    PS We should catch up one day soon, yes?

  5. nessbow says:

    I want to go to there! Any place that gives me chocolate and tea is brilliant in my opinion.
    Now, can we take a moment to ogle your hair? How fabulous are you!? That cut looks sensational.

  6. Cathie Compton says:

    Miss Fairchild,
    I just discovered your blog today. Love your hair. I live in Oxford Michigan, United States. Question, when you set your hair, is it dry ? Do you sleep in the pin curled and brush it out in the morning ? Happy belated birthday and look forward to reading more of your blog !

    • Hi Cathy! I set my hair wet and sleep in it overnight then brush it out in the morning. I tend to set it early afternoon and not brush it out til mid/late morning as I have very thick hair and it needs lots of time to dry. Hope that helps and thanks so much for your birthday wishes.

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