Sunday Best

The heat wave is over…but for all this week I stayed inside in pjs. Today I had a shower and five minutes later I realised I wasn’t drenched in sweat so it was time for pretty pjs! I have also been buying new makeup. Most of mine is in storage, ancient and not gluten free. I am trying to switch out as much of my make up as I can for gluten free, but some companies are very, very cagey when it comes to answering those questions. So as well as pink pjs & pink foam rollers…I also went and put on some pretty pink makeup.

Miss Fairchild - Sunday Bestpink sponge rollers – hair supply place? ( am waiting on a pink nylon scarf to finish the outfit!)

Eyebrows – B Collection Brow Box “Fair/Medium”

Eyes – Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush “Natural”

Mascara – Max Factor False Lash Effect “Brown”

Cheeks – e.l.f. “Pink Passion” Blush

Lips – Laura Mercier “Mistress” (blended down)

Miss Fairchild - Sunday Bestplease ignore the closed eyes….or you know, pretend it goes with the pj gig….

1960’s Pink Nylon Nightie – Op shop in rural Victoria ($4…total score)

1960’s Bed Jacket – long story***

Miss Fairchild - Sunday Bestlacey ruffles at the bottom of the nightie

Miss Fairchild - Sunday BestLove the embroidery detail and buttons at the top of the nightie

Miss Fairchild - Sunday BestAttempting a glamorous swoon – looking like an awkward salute….nope, no pin up queen here

So ladies, what are you wearing this week?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

*** Bed jacket was originally purchased from the lovely Teresa at Bess Georgette. After a few months of not being able to find anything to go with it I gave it to Jacinta at Dames of Distinction for her shop. Then just before Christmas I found this nightie and realised I wanted the bed jacket back. So I asked to buy it back. Now I love it and it’s mine and it matches my nightie. The end. 


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13 Responses to Sunday Best

  1. Retro rover says:

    What glamour and what a great price
    Retro rover

  2. Matilda says:

    red hair + pink = wowowow! you look so good in it 🙂

  3. I love reading your posts!!! You rock that nightie and your pink is precious. I think you are fabulous. 🙂

  4. nikkiana says:

    That nightie rocks! Love it!

  5. Teresa says:

    Gorgeous! I’m so glad the heat wave is over too. After a week with work and their broken air con… I was ready to fall over.

  6. what a fun story behind the bed jacket … it was worth buying it back. it looks so beautiful on you.

  7. erikaheidewald says:

    I am a sucker for 60s lingerie and sleepwear. It’s pretty easy to find at a reasonable price and so glamorous!

  8. I envy your luxurious pajamas! It’s nearing Valentines so I’m thinking of making some pink stripy ones for myself. You’ve deff inspired me.

  9. You’re so fabulously cute!!! These photos really made me smile – I can relate to feeling like you’re going to wilt in the heat big time. Our corner of Canada gets mighty toasty (+40 or higher is not entirely unheard of) in the summer and I often retreat to the couch in featherweight nighties when that happens, too.

    Sending tons of cooling, relaxing wishes your way, darling lady!
    ♥ Jessica

  10. Randi says:

    You are just too cute! A nylon scarf would be just perfect to top off all of this darling pink… and maybe some pink marabou slippers! So glamorous.
    I’m also really loving your make up and your hair color, just perfect.

  11. Helga says:

    Ooo, I do love me some 60’s nylon nighterie!!! Totally delish!

  12. nessbow says:

    I knew you were swooning right away!
    I’m still on the lookout for more nighties for you. Every time I find one, I think “will this fit over Miss Fairchild’s glorious bosom?” and the answer is (sadly) “no” most of the time.

  13. me says:

    Lancome is all GF, I’m super sensitive Celiac and no problems for years with it. All their stuff is GF as far as I’ve seen. Face powder has no oats and lipstick is GF too. Love their mascara and lipstick 🙂

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