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So despite swearing I would never work for myself again and that I would never take up millinery as a profession…here I am. I was hoping to launch my first collection in a/w 2014 but then my life imploded. I then settled on a s/s14-15 collection and started work on buying supplies (most of it vintage) and coming up with designs. I put a November deadline on it but even after we finally got moved in things happened (I had surgery, my end of year millinery parade, a bus crash, a fall which hurt the shoulder I hurt in the bus crash and a lovely surprise with someone reporting me to CPS – child protective services – worried about the girls “exposure” to my mental illness. – they are gone as they found absolutely no reason to be concerned so FUCK YOU to whoever made our lives so much worse for a few weeks). Today I decided to push it back until mid-late January. So not so much spring as mid summer. But who cares. My sanity needs to be saved.

Miss Fairchild Millinery Logowww.missfairchildmilliner.com

But come January (well mid-the end of) I will be lanching a mini collection – vintage reproduction hats made with almost all vintage materials – the trims will be all vintage as well as the straw. I am so excited. They will all be two toned and will come in mint/coral, blue/lemon and lilac/pink. My Vintage Casual Line: GELTATO will be hitting my website then (though as samples are finishes and final swatches of colours – I am hand dyeing everything just to be extra hard on myself) and I will be shipping world wide.



The idea behind “Vintage Casuals” was having some relatively simple and fun vintage reproduction hats for everyday wear. I have so many beautiful vintage hats and I wear them everyday – even the fancy ones – but not everyone feels comfortable with that. They will be able to fit in with your vintage (or repro) wardrobe or even worn with modern clothes and you won’t feel out of place. Beautiful. Fun. Simple. Casual. I spent a lot of time gathering vintage materials as where ever possible I will be using vintage millinery supplies as well as trying for historically accurate (not pinup) and original millinery techniques. This will be a ready to wear line and when the vintage supplies run out that design/colourway will end. So as the time approaches and each sample is finished I will be taking pre-orders. But until then you have a chance to win one of each design by helping me name them!

The first hat that needs to be named is this one…



Miss fairchild MillinerThis is not *the* first sample, but a hat I made for myself in class…but it will be almost identical…

Miss Fairchild MillinerNAME ME!!!NAME ME!!!!

To win this hat in your choice of colourways (to be sent mid January along with all pre-orders) all you have to do is name it. Entries close on the 15th of November and the name and winner will be announced by the 20th. You can enter by tweeting me @MsSFairchild, commenting on this drawing on my instagram account @MsSFairchild, emailing me at contact@missfairchildmilliner.com or commenting below. This hat is made in linen and will be adorned with nothing except a beautiful ribbon around the crown. She is just divine and I wear mine all the time!

Ok that’s it for tonight. Hope you are all excited about the new collection as I am!

Miss Fairchild xoxo


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3 Responses to Miss Fairchild Millinery…

  1. Retro Rover says:

    congrats on your new shop

  2. nessbow says:

    I’m so excited and super-proud of you for taking this step. This is going to be an awesome adventure, I can feel it.

  3. Alana says:

    The hat should be named “Audrey”

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