Miss Fairchild Milliner - Betty Hat

BETTY! The beautiful two toned, wide brimmed late 40s/early 50’s style hat 

I had so many fantastic entries that it was so hard to choose. But in the end “BETTY” won my heart. My Nana is Betty. She is beautiful, elegant, looks after herself and has lived and incredible life. She is the person I most look up to in this world and a total inspiration.

So let’s talk about BETTY!

She is beautiful and elegant, naturally, but there is so much more to her. She wears her hats and clothes – they never wear her. Even with this hat on her head you notice her face before the hat. Her smile. Her laugh. The ease about her and the clothing she wears. Her clothing needs to suit the life she lives. And boy does she live her life. She is an artist and when she isn’t covered in paint in her studio you will find her in the garden. Of course she wears a sunhat – she knows that being sunsmart matters in the harsh Australian sun. Driving gloves are a must too when out and about in the car – burnt hands are no fun at all. But these things are not for vanity, for fear of aging. It is purely for health reasons. She isn’t a vain woman at all. Aging is just a thing that happens. She is too busy to worry about such things. Too busy living a life. She is kind and warm hearted. So it is no great surprise that her calendar is always full to the brim. Her hat needed to be unadorned. Simple, but elegant – just like her. It needed to be able to be worn with a simple cotton dress or a beautiful summer pant suit. She is well read. Not just “classics” or novels – but news, scientific research, politics. She prides herself on forming an educated opinion. As busy as she is, she still finds time to send cards and letters. She never forgets a birthday or anniversary and often sends letters “just because”. And while she has beautiful handwriting, it’s what she writes insides her letters and cards that makes an impact. She is a woman so many strive to be and yet for her it is just her nature.

Miss fairchild Milliner - BettyThe hat that inspired the BETTY

The BETTY is inspired by many of my own vintage “picture” hats. But you might have noticed I prefer the less adorned hats. I needed something to go with a favorite vintage dress of mine. Originally in coral and moss (the closest colours I could find as it was a class assignment) the BETTY will be available in 3 two toned colour ways – coral/mint, blue/lemon and pink/lilac. The hat has a buckram base and is then covered in linen. The linen will be hand dyed to match the vintage straw bodies I have purchased for the next hat to be released (and named). It is all hand made by me, Miss Fairchild, using vintage methods (some parts will be machined sewed to make it more affordable) but most of it will be made using couture millinery techniques. It will come in one size only BUT it is designed to sit on the crown of the head and so *should* fit most heads. If you receive your BETTY hat and it doesn’t fit I will arrange for it to be couriered back to me and I will make it in a larger size.

It will be retailing at $295 plus shipping (shipping will be available world wide) and pre-orders will be taken as soon as the first sample is done and photographed. Preorders will be the only way to guarantee your colour options. Layby is also going to be available.

Betty, Betty and Miss Fairchild

Miss Fairchild wearing the original BETTY inspiration with the original BETTY (also known as Nana) wearing a custom Miss Fairchild hat

In case you didn’t already realise…I adore my Nana. I am so excited that my very first hat in my very first collection will be named after someone so dear to me.

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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5 Responses to Introducing….

  1. egbh says:

    Ms Fairchild
    How do we purchase a hat you have made?

  2. Betty! That’s perfect!!! Love that hat too, it was my favourite at the soiree 😀

  3. thank you so much for introducing nana! she must be such a wonderful person. she reminds me on my granny, who is always a lady and who wanted to work as an artist so badly – but wasn’t allowed to when she was young. she ended up designing her own clothes in the 50s, knitting and sewing for her two girls … this ws finally her way of art. oh, and she never left the house without wearing a hat!

    ‘nana – the hat’ is a wonderful piece. i’d love to get one but my financial situation will make me swoon over this hat just from far! i can’t wait to see more!

  4. chevy49girl says:

    I love it! Perfect name!!

  5. nessbow says:

    What a gorgeous hat, and how awesome to meet your Nana. How funny that my grandmother is also named Betty!

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