Sunday Best….?

For quite some time I have planned on having nude portraits taken or painted. I have come a very long way in my body acceptance journey and I just felt this was the next step. Of course I knew (being a photographer myself) there would be flattering poses and beautiful lighting and while I would insist on no photoshop, I knew that I would still be looking at a manipulated version of myself to show me in the very best way. The problem with this (for me – everyone is entitled to their own self acceptance journey) is that it wouldn’t help with my body dysmorphia. Yes fat women get it too (I also had anorexia but was encouraged to keep going as I was still fat), in fact I think fat women can feel it even more.

Then one day I was sitting at home in the nude (if I am home I am almost always naked) and the rain started. The rain always improves my mood. More than any antidepressant on the market. When it rains I often feel the need to go sit in the rain or walk barefooted through the soft wet grass. But this time…this time I wanted to run around naked.

Then I asked hubby to photograph me. He seemed a bit confused and wanted me to come inside and get dry in case I get sick. We also have no front fence and I didn’t go around the side of the house meaning anyone driving by or walking by or my neighbours who could see into my yard could see me. He was worried about someone calling the cops on me. I didn’t care. In that very moment I loved my body.

Then I shared it on instagram. I’m sure I scared some people and certainly challenged some peoples belief of who should and shouldn’t be able to be seen naked. But I mainly got overwhelming support. Until of course it was reported and taken down. At first I was angry. But mostly I just never thought that my naked body in a very non sexual photo would be against the rules. I just didn’t think. But here at my blog…things are different. Here, I run the show. So if a fat, stretchmarked, non perfect body offends you – time to look away folks!

Miss Fairchild - Sunday Best

Saggy boobs – by breastfeeding twins for a year

Stretchmarks – by 4 pregnancies and growth spurts when young

70’s bush (thinning) – by me not giving a fuck about pubic hair

Smile – letting go 

So lovelies – what are you (not) wearing this Sunday?

Miss Fairchild

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12 Responses to Sunday Best….?

  1. nessbow says:

    Oh my gosh, you are exquisite!
    I love the look of utter joy on your face in this picture. You look completely at ease and in your element. And so, so beautiful.
    I’m in awe of your bravery, not only at posting this, but for having the guts to take the pictures in the first place. Even though I’ve thought about having nude portraits taken, I don’t think I’d have the bravery to actually go through with it. You’re a fantastic woman, inside and out.

  2. chevy49girl says:

    Like I said before it was taken off of Instagram-Beautiful!

  3. you are so fantastic! sadly i missed the original post on instagram …

  4. What an amazing, brave and inspirational blog you have x

  5. Beth Muir says:

    I am currently in awe of your bravery and acceptance.

    After struggling with an ED when i was younger, I did a ‘skinny dip’ world record attempt earlier this year. I had never been naked in public before (although like you, we are nudists in our home!). It was liberating. slowly i am becoming more comfortable with my skin.

  6. sky says:

    Hello:) I’ve never commented before but I have read your entire blog .It’s not that I havn’t wanted to comment ,just that I end up 2nd guessing myself & end up thinking I sound stupid etc .Anyway I just wanted to say I love your photo,you are so beautiful! We are very similar in body type/shape except my legs are bigger (very large calves unfortunately) .I also want to say how absolutely bloody amazing I think you are & what an inspiration also.You say so many things I can relate to,i wished I lived a little closer so I could meet you .I hope you & your beautiful family have a merry Christmas & I hope the new year is your best year yet xx

    • there is nothing “unfortunate” about your body. You have large calves. Did you know that a higher muscle mass keeps your metabolism going strong? Those calves could walk you any where you wanted to go. They are beautiful and a vital part of your life. Look at your calves and think of all the things that you wouldn’t be able to do without them. Then tell them. Thank them.

      • sky says:

        Thanks! I will try & do that.My mother always quotes ” I complained that I had no shoes until I met a man that had no feet” So yes I should be grateful for them,that I have them & that they work..

  7. To me this photo is more beautiful than any clothed selfie ever posted on Instagram and certainly substantially more meaningful. It’s a true shame that they couldn’t see what I – and many others – instantly see in this image and leave it up.

    Thank you for sharing yourself in all your resplendent nude loveliness with us. As always, dear gal, you are the definition of inspiration in my books.

    ♥ Jessica

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