Welcome to 2015

Today is the first day of 2015. I had to believe that once the clock struck 2015 would be magically better. It wasn’t a terrible interesting night. Though I did go through a cleansing ritual before it went to midnight. A pretty basic one. You get in the shower and clean yourselves from head to toe. Once you are completely clean you get into your already prepared bath which you enter before midnight. You tell yourself that all of those things that were horrible in the past and when you get out of the bath, after midnight you should feel cleansed of last years crap. It was a nice thought…but of course I was busy trying to set up a new running playlist on my ipod so I was 2 minutes late getting into my bath. Then of course I had a panic attack that I had already ruined 2015 and sat crying and being sedated til the sun came up.

miss fairchild



No sleep. Crazy loud fireworks and a 5km walk (after a year of almost no exercise) in the heat

Here’s to a more glamorous me in 2015

I did, however, manage to go for a 5km walk around my new area which gave me a good idea of where I can run. The not knowing the neighborhood is what was holding me back. But with no pressure (including not having any set goal beside try getting out of bed and not be terrified) I managed a nice brisk 5km walk. Go me!

So what do I have planned for 2015 for the blog?

I will be jumping back into Elanore Kings “Glorify Yourself” Year long correspondence course. I am not sure what year this is from. Based on movie star names dropped, illustrations and photos I would probably put it in the 40s or early 50’s.

I will be starting properly on Monday so on Monday the 18th should be my first week in review of how it is coming. Each lesson will be a fortnight apart. If you want to see the main points from the introduction THE LINK IS HERE and Lesson One THE LINK IS HERE

I am also going to be bringing back Sunday best. I am interested in getting some guest posts happening in response to one of my most popular posts HOW VINTAGE CHANGED ME. Possibly a monthly Q&A/Ask Sabrina. I also hope to finish my travel etiquette series and to add more setting patterns to the blog. Including how to change a setting pattern from pin curls to rollers or vice versa. Pin curls aren’t for everyone and being able to adapt these patterns can make your life a million times easier (and possibly more comfortable to sleep on!

My hope for the year personally will be to hopefully get a better hold on management of my phsyical and mental illnesses. Not sure how we will afford it, but I need to be healthier and saner – even if this year is kind. Which will hopefully allow me to have more of a social life and see friends more often. I also hope to do well with my very first costume job for the local theatre company (set in 1934 Australia – YAY) and complete my millinery degree (final year starts in 6 weeks). I am thinking about pushing my launch back another year…but HATS. So that is to be decided at some point this year. Big year. But honestly, I will be happy to survive it with no major bus crashes, surgeries or homelessness.

So lovelies, what are you plans, hopes & dreams for the new year?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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5 Responses to Welcome to 2015

  1. nessbow says:

    I’m so proud of you for getting out there and taking some steps to move forward. Making plans, taking a walk, doing the cleansing ritual, these are all great things. It would be brilliant if things could magically be better with the changing of the calendar, but sadly that doesn’t happen. But change does happen if you start taking steps (no matter how tiny) towards the person you want to be. Here’s to a brilliant 2015!

  2. sky says:

    It sounds like you are off to a great start to me.The fact that you have plans & are already trying to carry them out is fantastic as far as i’m concerned.Well done on the 5km run,that is awesome! Happy new year to you ,I hope all of your plans come to fruition:)

  3. Happy new year to you all! Nessbow up there ^^^ has already said what I was pretty much going to say! Well done on the run too, I’ve become addicted to the C25k app (well, only up to the fourth workout ha ha…). Fingers crossed we don’t get a disgustingly hot summer with all those horrible 40 degree temps one day after another…

  4. I cant wait to participate in your post about how vintage changed me. I love yoj more snd more as time goes by and im hoping this is the year i actually get to spend some time together!

  5. egbh says:

    Love your resolutions for 2015. If that is what they are. Just remember everyday is a new day and you can cleanse yourself as needed to before the stroke of midnight.

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