Fabulous Hat Friday!

Myrna Loy - Fabulous Hat Friday

I wanted to add another regular (well hopefully everything will be more regular that it has been over the last year) post to the blog. Of course it hat to be stunning vintage hats. Myrna Loy wears the most fantastic hats (and costumes) in ‘The Thin Man” series. I could spend a year just posting her in hats she wore. This is part of my hatspiration. So if you see a fabulous hat link me below and it might end up on here or even inspiring me to attempt to reproduce it! I would also be happy to have you guys put on your best vintage hat on Fridays and link below. I will try to post one of me wearing one of my vintage hats occasionally too.

Happy Hatting (though technically it should be happy millinering ….”hatters” make male hats, milliners make female hats).

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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3 Responses to Fabulous Hat Friday!

  1. My stars, that is stunning!!! I truly adore vintage hats with brims that tilt upwards like that. I have a great 40s one that does as much as had sweet millinery daisies tucked underneath the brim. Even though the hat itself is black, because the flowers are softly hued and present, the whole thing takes on a totally springtime appropriate vibe.

    Huge hugs & countless happy New Year’s wishes, dear gal!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. You always make me want more hats and wish they looked better on me.

  3. what a wonderful hat! personally i don’t like to wear big hats too much – but i adore them on others!

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