Fabulous Hat Friday

Miss Fisher - Mandy Murphy Hat

The FABULOUS Essie Davis as Phryne Fisher in “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” Wearing a hat made by one of the most fabulous Melbourne milliners, Mandy Murphy (who sadly passed away late last year).

Mandy Murphy Cloche - Miss Fisher

This hat seriously makes me swoon. In my first year of millinery we had to do work experience with a milliner for a week. While everyone else in my class wanted to work with milliners who would win the racing hat awards (Racing & Hats is kind of a big deal in Melbourne) I wanted to work with a milliner who had traditional skills and made period hats. Despite my best efforts to harass her through every communication mode possible, I never did get to meet Mandy Murphy, or work with her. She made a good number of the hats for Miss Fisher (along with a milliner I did get to study with, Rose Hudson). She also made beautiful race hats, but to me, her genius lies within these exquisite period pieces.

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4 Responses to Fabulous Hat Friday

  1. It really is spectacular and has that rare ability (for a hat) to seem equally at home in daily looks of the past and swankier ones of today.

    ♥ Jessica

    • We have some extremely talented milliners in Melbourne. And the thing I love the most about Miss Fisher is how you could just as easily wear so much of her wardrobe today and not look or feel “vintage”. Marion Boyce (the costume designer) is amazing.

  2. erikaheidewald says:

    I’m in love with anything Phryne wears.
    Question – I got on Instagram for the first time in a while. On one of my photos I saw that I had responded to a comment of yours that was no longer there – then saw you deleted your account! Did you get off IG, or just change your account?

    • Hi gorgeous! Yes I had to delete my account after some vicious attacks that resulted in Police getting involved. I have a new one now that is still open it’s “misssabrinafairchild” and I will email you the link. Thanks for thinking of me.

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