Miss Fairchild’s Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa’s: a few of you have been asking for my postal address. Something I didn’t expect. If you would like it please just send me an email or if you follow me on twitter send a dm. I would like to put it up here…but thanks to my stalker I think it is best kept hidden for now. 

Just over a week until Christmas! I haven’t even unpacked my bags from Paris, let alone put up the tree or done any shopping! This time of year is a struggle as the twins birthday is in early December so we never seem to think about Christmas til after that. But this year A lot of our money went toward me in Paris. Paris was my birthday/xmas present from last year til probably ten years from now. So I doubt there will be much under the tree this year…so instead I can dream right here. That’s what a blog is for, right?

First up…Tea & Tea paraphanalia. #teaaddict


How adorable is this little house tea infuser by the wild nothing?


While you’re on their website buying me the little tea infuser you might as well grab me some of their tea…I’ll take a “Hard Days Night” and a “Moondance” please.

And with a good cuppa I need something to read…


After like 3 years of having this is my wishlist…it has finally been published! This is the present I hope to find most under the tree on Christmas…and if not my birthday is only 2 weeks later.

Estelle Ramousse - Millinery

I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with Estelle Ramousse in Paris…I had no idea she had a book too. Santa I have been really good this year! Please bring me “Studio Secrets in Millinery


I saw this exhibition in Paris at the Musee d’Orsay and I loooooooved it. But travelling on a budget meant I couldn’t afford the book. Feel free to buy me a copy of the English version.

I also have a long list of books on my wishlist that you can find here if you are stuck for present ideas for me. It has everything from lesbian lit to fashion coffee table books to fashion history & biographies.



Taking another year off TAFE with my shoulder injuries doesn’t mean I have stopped entirely. Instead I am trying to learn all the things I can that aren’t blocking. Want to be my official benefactor for the International Millinery Forum? A Gold Registration will give me a week of workshops with incredible milliners from all over the world.

stockman french head poupee

Hello beautiful! I have one vintage poupee, but to own my very own Stockman & Siegel French Head (or poupee) would make me swoon. Size 59 please!


Top of this years list of things to learn (or at least start to learn) is flower making. A good set of tools will help that along nicely.

bohin heart scissors

It isn’t all expensive tastes. I would be thrilled to get a pair of these 3.5in chrome heart scissors from Bohin France (where I get my favourite millinery sewing needles from). These would go perfectly in my kit (which is a vintage beauty train case).


How sweet and stylish is this wrist pincushion by Bohin? Can you see why I love their sewing stuff?


While you’re there…a gold thimble would also be a beautiful touch. Perfect mix of fancy, thoughtful & affordable. I’ll take the medium thanks!

Totally Mentionable Unmentionables…

NavyCassandra Gown by Catherine D'Lish

How divine is this gown by Catherine D’Lish? I’ll take a Navy Cassandra for summer ….


And a silk charmeuse gown (in an emerald green please) for winter. Boudoir by D’Lish is just total luxury for the bedroom. These will help me care way less that I am single…because at least I will be freaking fabulous!


Gotta have something to wear under a lucious new robe. I was fitted for this “Morticia” spoon busk corset by What Katie Did while I was in London. If only I had the money to buy it then. Dear Santa…I am a size 30.

Handmade Lingerie by Pip and Pantalaimon

Who wouldn’t love some pretty hand/custom made lingerie under the tree? I have had my eye on this set from Pip and Pantalaimon on etsy for awhile. I wear nude/beige almost exclusively and it isn’t as sexy/pretty as it could be. I really think this set hits all the right notes. Would love the Bra (if they would make a 38F!), the knickers and the suspender belt. I know the knickers have clips too…but I really do love a highwaisted knicker/suspender belt combo.


Some fully fashioned Cervin nylons in size 4 with a cuban heel would go down a treat. A sexy stocking stuffer! Buy them for me and I’ll send youa  cheeky photo….yup, that’s what it’s come down to. I will totally pimp myself out for stockings. I am such a tramp.


Though if you really want to drive me wild…you will indulge my love of vintage and hosiery with a box of vintage seamed nylons! Like these on etsy.

Random Pretties!


I have always wanted a beautiful dinner set. But with 6 of us, it isn’t cheap. Not to mention the fact that no one but me would appreciate it. But recently a single (not any more) friend pointed out I could buy a single set just for me. As I eat alone in bed most days this is totally doable. But of course I have expensive taste. Anyone want to buy me this dinner set of “Renaissance Gold” from Wedgewood? 


Where was this dress when I was trying to find one for the plane trip to Paris???? Who wants to buy me this cute LBD from Lady Voluptuous? It is the Lyra Long Sleeve in a Size 18 if you want to spoil me!wittner-julie-nude

Do I really need ANOTHER pair of Wittner shoes? Yes, YES I do. Especially when they are this adorable. I’ll take a pair of the “Julie” flats in nude in a size 39 please. A pair in black too? Oh, if you insist!


American friends…help a girl out? I would kill for this Dita Von Teese limited edition MAC lippie. Look at it. How can a lipstick be so beautiful?

vintage travel hat case

While I have a small vintage hat case (for carrying my little vintage caps away for a weekend), I really do need a large hat box for travelling. I do feel awfully naked without my hats and at this time of year I would love to be able to travel with some of my larger, wide brimmed hats. This beautiful case has been on my etsy wishlist for awhile now.

vintage Schiaparelli hat

It wouldn’t be my Christmas list without at least one hat, right? I love this little festive vintage number by Schiaparelli and it would go perfectly in my Schiaparelli hat box that is just longing to be filled to the brim with Schiaparelli hats.

vintage Schiaparelli Hat

Another Schiaparelli vintage number that would just rock my world. I really do love anything with a veil.

Cuban Heeled Stocking Brooch

With a love of cuban heeled FFS and an obsession with novelty brooches, it isn’t a great surprise that this brooch from The Nylon Swish made me list this year.


I have to admit I am pretty particular on my candles scents…I stick purely to Gardenia scented candles…but of course TANDA has nailed it with these gorgeous aromatherapy candles in these gorgeous travel tins. I need these. I travel a fair bit and I love to have candles with me. How beautiful is this “Constellations trio” from TANDA modern?

Ok – I am sure that is already too much. But it is my dream, let me have it!

What has made your Christmas wish list lovelies?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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  1. Thea Van Zandt says:

    Girl, what’s your PO Box?

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