Sunday Best: Paris Edition Part Duex


Off for a long walk, some more soupe à l’oignon and to do some shopping at “De Gilles Tissus” (where the costume designer for “Populaire” sourced her vintage fabric)


Headscarf – Op Shop on the Gold Coast

Top – Portmans

Skirt – DIY 8 layer tulle circle skirt

Tights – Op Shopped sheer white with white dots

Shoes – The perfect black ballet flat from Wittner

I took 3 skirts to Paris…and this is the only one I wore. I is so universal. It looks adorable with cute sweaters & t-shirts and was dressed up enough to wear with a beautiful vintage beaded sweater to the Ballet. I also only took two pairs of shoes with me. Both Wittner ballet flats. One pair in Black & one in nude. With scarves, brooches & 3 hats I had plenty of styling options. Next time I would pack even less. I also really, really need to make this skirt in a beautiful blush colour.

What would you wear while wandering the streets of Paris?

Miss Fairchild xoxo


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1 Response to Sunday Best: Paris Edition Part Duex

  1. Natalie says:

    I think thats the perfect skirt for wandering Paris around! That, and a polka dot one! You look so gorgeous!

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