Fabulous Hat Friday

Today we have another hat by Estelle Ramousse 


I was lucky enough to visit Estelle in her Atelier when I was in Paris. I had so much fun meeting her and trying on her hats. They are amazing. She is going through a phase of masks at the moment and I love how she combines them into head wear, not just face wear….if that makes sense?


The lovely Estelle modelling it for me

This was still available for sale when I was there. I really hope someone buys it. It is just so fantastic! If you are in Paris and looking for an outrageous hat to bring home…Estelle is a must visit!

Estelle Ramousse

64 Rue de la Mare

75020, Paris, Frace

In other fabulous hat related news, in an effort to make 2016 The Year of the Hat, I have started a second blog purely for hat talk. I will be talking about finding the right hat for you. Your style, your personality & your face shape/hair style. As well as featuring amazing milliners (vintage and modern) and some hat history. So come and visit Miss Fairchild Millinery and help make 2016 The Year of the Hat! I will also be talking hats regularly on twitter and instagram.

So lovelies, what will you be wearing on your head this week?

Miss Fairchild xoxo

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2 Responses to Fabulous Hat Friday

  1. Fay says:

    I really think I should start wearing hats! It would encourage me to make more effort with my hair!! I am in love with this hat/mask! I want it so i can wear it as part of a cat costume for Halloween!

  2. retro rover says:

    oh wow thats a really fab hat very glamorous and I can totally see it with one of those persian lamb coats

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